hd webcam In the meantime, waiting for the heat, Denis, with his hands in his pockets, was waiting for Dima near his porch.
Specially ran, though not on the road.
I really wanted to go to school together.
He did not dare go up to the apartment, a strange confusion forced his cheeks to blaze.

Such a blush made, like the girl on the first date.
What is it for.
It seems there was nothing special yesterday.
Well, kissing, well, hugging, well, stroking each other, with whom it does not happen.
But to recollect is so sweet, but it would be so desirable to continue.
So I was laughing, I did not miss Dima.
He himself called out, approached, smiling.
I threw my bag at my feet, onto the wet asphalt.
He pulled Deniska to himself, tightly, and kissed him.
Morning, adults to work in a hurry, the children to school.
And they stand in the middle of the yard and kiss.
And do not care for them all this fucking planet with its wild – civilized “laws.
Someone whistled, laughed.
Someone sorely shouted.
An old lady near nearly baptized.

And Denis and Dimka, holding hands like first graders, rushed to school.
Basking in the rays of the sun that finally woke up. brunette webcam xxx
And it seemed to completely ignore the evil lizard hunter.
Dimkin palm was approaching slowly, in millimeters.
Right now, now hung in flight over the victim.
But the nimble lizard is rapidly slipping away.
And Deniska, her master and trainer, bit her lip so as not to laugh at the control.
The hunt continued.
Oops !.
Have caught !.
Denis gapered, trying to finish off the equation with multi-story fractions.
And now fingers have intertwined, and dove under the desk.
– And let the whole world wait.
Alevtina Sergeevna begins to push: – Five minutes left, finish.
Toys are over, Dimka hastily appends the last lines.
And Denis is sewn up – whether his version turned out to be too complicated, or if his head is not so busy, but the last two examples don’t give way.
He turns back to Svetka Solovieva.
A student on control – a gift of fate.
Yes, and not harmful to the same, gave her notebook for a couple of minutes.

Denis didn’t have to do more, he stuck a pen and managed to do it before the call.
Finally free! Attendants collect notebooks, with difficulty taking them from the failed.
Mathematician once again looks around the class in search of cheat sheets.
But change is already in the hearts and minds of eighth-graders.
One by one they leave the classroom.
Dimka and Denis went out, holding hands.
Near the office of physics began at the window, turned away from everyone, looking only at each other.
Looked, watched, and started kissing.
At school! In front of everyone !! They don’t see mocking glances, they don’t hear snide jokes, they don’t notice the director that he is walking fast along the corridor.
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