heatherbby9 s bio and free webcam I started to break out, because I could not breathe, but he did not pay attention to me and continued to fuck me in the mouth.
Having fucked me somewhere for one minute in this way, he pulled out a member and I began to cough.
Then Murad asked me to stand up and turn my back on him and bend down.
Murad said he would prepare my hole.

I did what he asked.
Murad washed his hands with soap and with one hand parted my buttocks and began to stick his finger into my hole.
I couldn’t relax my anus and it was painful for me that he had put a finger through the anus.
I told him about it, to which he replied that I needed to relax.
Having stood in this position with a finger in the anus for half a minute, the pain began to go away and I myself began to move my booty trying to spread more deeply.
Murad pulled out his finger and in the next minute began to thrust two, then three fingers.
So a little stretching my anus, he offered to go to the gym.
We are worn past golik to the hall.

Murad lay back on a wide bed and spread his legs asked to suck him.
I knelt between his legs and took his penis in his mouth and started moving movements while looking at his face.
Then I began to lick his balls and suck again.
After playing his tongue with his dick for about three minutes, Murad stood up and asked me to stand on all fours.
I got down on all fours and sank down on my chest, and with my hands spread my buttocks.
Murad took out a tube of cream and spread his cock and my anus.
I was burning with fear and at the same moment with impatience.
Something big and hot rested against my anus and began to penetrate my ass.
In my ass appeared a sharp pain, although Murad pushed into it only his big head.
I began to howl in pain and asked him to stick out his big cock, but Murad said that the pain would soon pass and my butt would get used to it. indian housewife hidden camera sex
Having stood in this position for a minute, the pain began to pass and I myself began to slowly sit down on his penis.

Murad sharply stuck his penis at the very balls and firmly holding my pelvis pressed against me.
I began to howl from pain and to escape, but Murad chained me and began to hammer at me with all his strength.
I thought I would lose consciousness.
After three minutes my butt got used to his cock and I began to moan with pleasure.
After five minutes of such sex Murad pulled his dick from my priests and asked to lie on his back.
I lay on my back and he lifted my legs and threw them on his shoulders and leaning on me began to fuck in this position.
I was completely crushed by him, since Murad was a rather large build.
Then he lay back and asked to sit on top of him with his back to him.
I sat on his dick and bent his body to his feet.
Murad took me by the buttocks and began to lift and lower on his penis.
I was already moaning like a real fuck and asked him to quickly finish with the words Muradik please cum quickly, I can not, please, I beg you.
Then I turned to his face and, dropping on my elbows, I began to sit down intensively on my penis.

Murad, in turn, clasped my back, began to quickly fuck me.
After four minutes he began to moan and cum into me.
I literally fell off his penis and lay on my stomach for a while.
My ass all burned.
I began to touch her with my fingers and it seemed to me that a hole had formed there that would never close.
The doorbell rang and Murad went to open it and from the corridor he heard men’s voices and laughter.
I began to look for my things with my eyes, but I remembered that they were in the bathroom.
I climbed frightened under the blanket.
Murad appeared in the doorway and with him three men of Caucasian nationality.
My start in Moscow (ending) I earned decently four and a half thousand dollars for these days, I went into the bank and opened an account there, a plastic card, on which I put all my earnings, leaving a few hundred dollars for pocket expenses.
And he went to our salon, Katya met me there and whispered in her ear that she missed.
There were almost no customers that day, and Katya and I made love at night.

The week passed quickly, there were enough clients, Vladimir and Sergey came to me twice, and between me and Katya I had feelings, I thought a lot about her, and I saw her eyes gleam when I met me.
At every opportunity we kissed, every morning we took a shower together, and at night we went to bed together whenever possible.
So a week passed, and Saturday came, I took a day off and phoned Andrei and went to see him on a date.
An hour later, I gave Andrei a blow job right in his car, and after another hour, he was tearing my ass in his country house.
heatherbby9 s bio and free webcam