hot blonde webcam sex Lenochka, – Vladimir muttered slurredly.
– What is this? What happens to us? Elena took a few steps in his direction and stopped right in front of the bed.
Her heavily made up face seemed calm, and her thickly drawn mascara looked at her husband with an easy challenge.
What’s happening? – She asked.

– And you do not understand? Your wife goes to your friends.
Kolya, Vitya, Igor and Seryozha are our friends, have you forgotten? Well, they called me, and I go to them.
Do you fuck with them? – feeling his voice weakening, Volodya asked plaintively, afraid to hear the truth.
Elena laughed – bitterly and somehow vulgar.
No, I don’t fuck with them, – she answered, smiling crookedly with bright red lips.
– This is called differently – they fuck me.
As they please, and when they please.
And I can only lubricate the ass with a cream so that it does not hurt so much.
She leaned over to her lying husband and doused him.
smells of alcohol and cosmetics.
Admit it, dear, that you did not imagine all that to yourself, did you?

I’m not like that either, ”Elena breathed.
– It seemed to me that everything would be different.
And now it all turned out that way.
She kissed her husband with hot, wet lips, and he, feeling how much saliva his wife had in her mouth, understood that she was excited.
His wife goes to his friends with a bare ass, bare breasts and is already trembling with excitement! He jumped out of bed and, kneeling in front of Elena, pressed his face to the bottom of her belly.
He hugged his wife by the hips, stroked them, kissed her hands: Do not. wireless surveillance webcam
Do not go to them.
Stay! Don’t be the same! I have to go down, ”she said dully, standing still and stroking his hair on a bowed head.
– It’s time to run, honey.
Do not be a child, let go of my legs.
Gotta go dance with everyone.
take turns? – he stammered out.
Her husband’s eyes flashed from the tide of feelings.
He was ready to cry at her feet.
Yes, you understand everything.
– Elena gently and affectionately removed her hair from his forehead, combed it with her finger in the middle.

Then she raised her hands.
– I have already lingered here.
I can quite get a couple of cracks.
You don’t want your wife to slap her face? Putting her husband back on the bed, and smacking him goodbye, Helen once again darted to the mirror and tweaked her hair.
Her face again became mysterious, she was already thinking about her, about what she would have in a few minutes.
Everything, I ran, – and the heels hurriedly pounded down the stairs – to the place where the music and loud male voices were heard.
Holding the wall, he left the room and went down five to six steps down.
If you bend down low, you could see part of the first floor through the railing of the stairs.
Lying on the steps, Volodya was able to verify this.
There was, however, a feeling of fear of appearing as a coward caught at the scene of the crime, but this fear was dull and unclear, as if the fog enveloped him completely.
Volodya immediately saw his wife moving in a dance with a man.

She danced with Kolya.
As if completely under the influence of hops and fast dance, Helen looked enthusiastic, even happy.
Nikolay now and then twisted it in dance, and then jumped away, the hem then flew away, hovering above the floor.
Although Vladimir saw only the tops of the other three men, it was obvious that they were relaxed, and they really like what is happening.
When the tall, slim Lena was spinning, all four began to smile, clearly seeing that there was no underwear on her.
Lena, frankly, enjoyed the views — she glistened with her eyes, sometimes closing her eyes, and sometimes she simply twirled her chiselled figure until the hem finally fell.
In the pauses, Elena, like a whore, smiled obligingly.
Encouraging the woman, Nikolay’s face now and then stuck into her high breasts.
The breasts, not supported by the bra, slightly bounced when moving and swaying from side to side.
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