hotel maid hidden cam sex I chose a “new friend” for a long time, I couldn’t choose and a saleswoman came to my rescue, she said that not all was on the shelves and showed that there were bins.
There were truly huge members, I was interested in a member made in the form of a horse, he was with his elbow long and with a huge head at the end, but I did not dare.
The saleswoman saw my doubts and said that she would pack it in such a way that no one would guess, and in general she herself dreams of that.
I made up my mind, lowered half of the remaining money, bathed one more cork than the one I had and ran home happy.

At home, I almost immediately tore off my clothes and unpacked my purchases, I was shaking from excitement, so setting the horse drin on the table I sat down on it, the lubricant was already dripping from me, so the member entered without problems, and those sensations that I felt raised me to heaven
They began to carry out procedures with us more often, I met Ninka and went to her, then to the kennel, we chose a dog and went to her room, then I went to myself and brought myself to a frenzy.

A month later, I noticed that my bras are all small, I had a huge breast, nipples five centimeters long, Ninke liked them very much, she could suck them as members during fucking.
She agreed to go to the store with me to buy a female toilet, but she herself ran into the sex shop and bought a butt plug with a very wide middle part, “To sleep better” she whispered to me.
As it turned out in the store, I have boobs already the fifth size, very heavy, and poured, as if I was pregnant, but the size was found. hotel maid hidden cam sex
My pussy, too, did not hide the usual panties, such a “bag” as I stood out and fell out of narrow panties, I had to take the “Grandma’s”, it upset me.
On that day, I decided to go to Igor Petrovich, but he said that everything was going well, and I was offered to keep the bullshit away, go to our fur farm and “take care of the cows, they are so beautiful,” there was nothing to do, I turned to the technician and he took me to the cows.
There were not many cows in the stalls, they were not engaged in milking for production purposes, but in breeding new breeds.

I liked the cows, I looked at the staff, learned how to clean them, connect the milking machine, looked at the schedule who and when there happens, looked at how they feed and clean up.
One employee said that I was lucky with a tour, today there will be a pairing of Dashka.
It hooked me, I looked at how a huge black bull leaned on a cow and started to fuck it, this sight incredibly aroused me, I even began to worry that my juices would run down my legs, the employee said that fertilization is usually done manually, but sometimes an exception , so I look at him.
I looked enchanted, so I wanted to take this dick in my mouth, caress it with tits, and even more to get this unit in myself, but this is not a dog, I don’t take that into a room.
On this day, I took off my excitement for a couple of hours.
At first, I just sat down on a horse drin, then I added a cork in my ass.
I squatted relentlessly when a member plunged into me to the very end, I grabbed my breast and stuck to my huge nipple and started sucking it like a dick, my nipple hardened and looked exactly like a small penis.

Pussy flowed a stream, squelching with my mooing spread around the room, when I finished, then just fell on the bed, without even removing the penis and the cork from myself.
So I fell asleep.
In the morning I was invited to be examined, when I was examined naked, then I was asked a couple of questions, how do I feel, is everything okay, I wanted to answer that everything is terrible, I turn into a fucking bitch, but Igor Petrovich interrupted me and said that the research is going great so he doubles my salary.
I swallowed dissatisfaction, for me it was money that I could never make myself by myself.
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