huge toy webcam I became just her friend, older sister.
If she knew that I was only 19.
I found out that my girl had just one guy.
They had sex that she didn’t like at all.

She was disappointed and offended by the whole world.
She considered herself ugly and useless.
It gave me great pleasure to prepare it, every day, step by step, approaching the intended goal.
I told her that she was the most beautiful, told her a bunch of compliments, then several times took her for a walk, hugged and kissed her “as a friend”.
But it was impossible not to notice how, after my arms, her tender cheeks flared, and the tiny body began to tremble.
One day my boyfriend left for work, and I invited my girl to visit.
I understood that today it should be mine.
I could not wait any longer.
I bought some wine and fruit, put on a silk robe, muffled the light, leaving only the lamp on and lit scented candles.

But before her arrival, they had to be removed so that she would not suspect anything. huge toy webcam
There is only a gentle exciting flavor.
My Ksyushenka was in jeans, tight-fitting her little ass and stretched T-shirt.
On her head there is a sloppy bunch of blond hair, which now and then fell into her eyes and interfered.
She always casually corrected them and looked at me with embarrassment.
I offered to drink wine, she surprisingly quickly agreed.
After two glasses, her cheeks flushed, she lay down on my shoulder and began to cry softly.
Ksyushenka, what happened ?, I asked.
Remember, I told you about the guy from the house next door? Yes, it seems Victor.
Victor, yeah.
I thought he liked me.
But it turned out that he needed help with the curtain, and because of that he drove me to it.

No one likes me as a woman, Vic.
Everyone looks at me as a friend or as a nerd who can help.
I am so tired.
Ksyusha buried me in the shoulder and began to cry.
I stroked her thin back and kissed her temple.
How delightful she is! So fragile, tender, small.
don’t say that, my dear, you are the best, the most beautiful.
I’ll prove it to you, want? She raised her tear-stained eyes suspiciously, looked into mine, and then her face took on some sarcastic expression.
aha, and how do you do that? Do you do a survey? I don’t need to do a poll.
I need your opinion, you need to understand everything yourself.
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