jeffrey grand chaturbate This did not last long.
Once again exposing the head, the mother knelt so that the penis was at the level of her face, and then she opened her mouth and.
clasped their head.
Then she became rhythmically, as previously with a hand, moving her head, then dipping the penis almost completely into her mouth, then leaving one head in it.

It was obvious that Dad is very nice.
He even closed his eyes from pleasure.
Soon he took out a wet dick from his mother’s mouth, lifted his mother from her knees and sat her on the bench.
Mom spread her legs wide apart, so that her scarlet slit, which glistened with moisture, became clearly visible.
Now, Dad knelt and pressed his lips to my mother’s crack.
Even through the pane of glass, I heard my mother groaning from the bliss.
And dad tried with might and main.
he literally licked mom’s crotch.
Mom shook her head from side to side, continuing to moan.
“Is it really that nice?” – I was surprised, and only then I felt that my panties were wet.
“Strange, why would it?” – I thought, and carefully put my hand under the gum.

My pipka was raw! “That’s the number! Have I really described myself?” – flashed a silly thought.
I raised my wet finger to my nose and sniffed it carefully.
The smell was unfamiliar – sharp and spicy, but it was clearly not urine.
I put my hand back to my pipette and rubbed it a little bit.
I did it purely intuitively, but my intuition turned out to be a very smart lady! How I felt pleased! I rubbed and rubbed the tender lips of my sexual organ, and I myself, without looking up, looked out of the bath window. free web cams nude
And there was a completely new action.
Dad rose from his knees, mom got up from the bench and turned his back to him.
Then she leaned forward, almost laid her elastic large breasts on the bench.
She bulged up her ass, and spread her legs to the side.
Straight at dad looked, as if with a narrowed eye, from the anus of the anus.
And just below, between divorced plump lips, another hole gleamed.

And dad brought the head of his penis to this hole and slowly slowly began to immerse it in the wet depth.
First, the bare skin of his head disappeared, then the head itself, and now the whole penis, plunged into the mother right up to the testicles.
And then dad took it out almost all! He pushed again.
Pulled out.
He pushed it again, took it out.
Now he no longer stopped, but moved like a car with a long pink piston.
This piston was all wet from mom’s discharge.
And I wanted to no longer just touch him, but to lick him! Dad moved for a very long time.
In time with his movements, I rubbed my pipka.
Now I did it already confidently, with all my might.
I lowered the panties almost to the knees, so that they do not interfere.
And I ground it! At first, I was even frightened – so suddenly everything inside my body shrank convulsively.
Let go of the sweet wave, again squeezed – and so on several times in a row.

It was the height of bliss! I have never experienced anything like this! It has nothing to even compare! I brought my wet palm to my mouth and began to lick it, finger by finger! An unfamiliar, but such a pleasant aroma filled my whole mouth, and I swallowed and swallowed this sourish-spicy saliva, then rubbed my pipka, and licked my hand again.
It would probably have lasted for a very long time, but my attention was attracted by the fact that the rhythm of the pa-kap movements had changed.
Now he moved frequently, often; and behold, abruptly pulling out his own, turned crimson, member from my mom’s slit, he groaned voluptuously; and the dick suddenly twitched, as if in convulsions, and right on the mines of the buttocks and the back of him a stinging white jet sprayed!
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