livejasmin cam free What would Kelly change his mind at the last moment to leave, and at the recruiting office forget about such military service as John Farmer, 22 years old? That under the measuring step, similar to the step of the prison guard, some decision will be born – in case Kelly does not change her mind, and will not be forgotten at the call center? But what could be another solution in such an adult world, where people, it turns out, do not always choose their own destiny ?.
What to do? WHAT TO DO? What? Do? WHAT? DO? WHAT TO DO? WHAT? DO?.
He returned home around midnight.
Of course, no solution came to mind.

Of course, the miracle did not happen.
Yes, it could not happen, it is a miracle.
Despite the whole day spent in the fresh air, and on aching legs, John did not want to sleep.
He also did not feel hunger.
Silently opening the garage door, he went inside; without turning on the light, went to the hood, where his guitar was lonely, sat down on it, took it in his hands and began to quietly touch the strings – without any connection of chords with each other.

Gradually, the discordant motive itself turned into an old, well-known sad song of Nina Simone, which John recently rehearsed with the guys.
He was proud of her: they turned the usual three-minute soul composition into four verses into a seven-minute energetic rock ballad, leaving only two verses at the beginning and end.
The whole middle of the song was fiercely piercing, emotional, wading up to John’s shudder – with abrupt transitions from minor to major and vice versa, with string vibrations on the same note, with frequent search of the frets. real couple sex cam
But now he did not recall his skill.
– Johnny.
– he heard a quiet rustle and cut off the song on the half chord.
She was standing outside near the entrance, so far that he heard her whisper only by the intuition of all people in love.
He put down the guitar and approached her.
She always dressed very modestly, in a simple way, and now she was wearing only regular jeans overalls, dressed over car t-shirts — one of those worn by car mechanics — and sneakers.

Long dark brown hair was taken in the “tail”.
And in all this there was so much cozy, so much dear, sweet, spontaneous and long-awaited, that John felt his heart squeeze from the newly surging melancholy.
“Kelly, Kelly,” he wanted to say, “why do you need this study, why do you need this journalism? Well I can not provide a family? Well, can we not be happy?
“But instead of these folks in love, he only asked:“ You didn’t leave? ” “Tomorrow at eleven,” she said.
“An inconvenient flight,” he said automatically.
– Heat, and then another day to bathe in the cabin.
And the flight, probably, transit, right? Kelly nodded.
– When are you going to be going? “Everything has already been collected,” she replied, and taking a small step, buried herself in his chest.
John automatically hugged her by the shoulders, pressed her a little harder and suddenly realized why he had missed him so much all day.
Here are these embraces – tender-bitter, tremulous in their fragility.

The guy stroked the girl’s shoulders, which is why Kelly pressed herself closer to him, then his hand caressed the perky tail several times.
The girl raised her head and found his lips cool lips.
They kissed for a long time – first gently, uncertainly, then more and more confidently; In the tender kisses began to erupt passion.
John stroked Kelly’s back, which in turn caressed his neck and ear.
Finally, interrupting the kiss, the girl pulled the guy towards the Ford: – Let’s go.
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