myfreecams nude Every now and then he walked them through my lips, which had already managed to open up, like may roses, shamelessly exposing the contents of my cream.
I felt myself starting to flow from excitement.
Andrew did everything slowly, methodically licking every stretch of my cream.
I decided to help him penetrate deeper, lowered her hands and spread her pussy lips full of pleasure wide apart.

Andrey understood my desires and slowly launched his tongue inside.
Then he began to drive them forward and back, up and down.
it was a pleasure.
For the sake of pleasure, I began to pull at my clitoris with the index finger of my left hand and move my pelvis a little to meet the magic tongue. myfreecams nude
“Yes, don’t stop, I’ll finish soon,” I whispered, throwing my head back deep.
Andrei understood my call and began to move faster.
My cream just flowed with pleasure.
Feeling the first orgasm approaching, I began to move my hand faster, which excited the clitoris.
After a couple of seconds, a long-awaited shiver ran through the body.
Andrei pulled the tongue out of my pussy.
My whole body continued to shudder, and I let out a deep, drawn-out moan.
My orgasm as usual was accompanied by stormy secretions from my cream.
Drops of white translucent liquid began to flow onto the partition between it and the anus.
Andrei, as if waiting for this life-giving moisture, clung to my cream and began eagerly to lick off my sweet discharge.
It was really nice.
Several times he walked his tongue through the hole of my anus, removing what could have drained there. myfreecams nude