nude shower hidden cam I looked at him in surprise: actually, I meant sexy.
But if he thinks so.
all the better.

Overnight, the apartment is quiet.

The full face of the moon is trying to examine through the blinds naked body, lying on the bed.
Strange, why I woke up? Something had a dream? Or someone? Near you lie, deliciously in a sap and smiling in a dream.
Also something dreaming !.
I listen to myself: pulling, aching pain in the lower abdomen, and smell: Breathtaking, intoxicating smell: What is it ??? The aching pain is becoming more insistent.
Lord, it is – DESIRE! Unrestrained, languid, lustful! And the smell is the scent of my flower! Calling, demanding, thirsty.
That is why it is so anxious and unpleasant! I look at you: “Forgive, dear, but you have to correct your dream a little!” I gently, at first barely touching you, stroking your belly: just barely perceptible touches, very gentle and careful. innocent girl webcam
Quietly and gently descend to the boy: now – he is the subject of my desire! I want him! Total! I want him to ALL-in me!

I flit up and down on it, as if studying, studying every fold, every wrinkle, and I am glad that HE GROWS under my hands! It becomes strong, elastic, ready to fight! The touches become more assertive, and your breathing rhythm changes: at first it disappears, then, as if listening, becomes quiet and intermittent! My sun awoke! And I heard the aroma, the aroma of desire! You accept the rules of my game.
Carefully and gratefully with your right hand you play with my hair, and with your left hand you stroke my body.
Back, buttocks, legs: I melt under your caresses, I am exhausted, but you are not in a hurry.
Softly, but persistently, pushing my legs apart.
Stroking the hips smoothly moves to the flower games.
Your hand becomes instantly wet from the invigorating juice!
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