peaceduke webcam show In the evening, after they left, we began to watch TV, and then went to dinner.
Shortly after dinner, Sasha went to her room, and I decided to watch another movie.
When it was over, I washed my face and went back to the living room, to inflate the rubber mattress I was sleeping on.
As I walked down the hall, I heard a strange groan.

It sounded like computer speakers in Sasha’s room.
The next thing I heard was a distinct “Come on, fuck me.
“I went to the door and opened it.
She sat on the bed and watched porn fascinated.
I went to the computer and stopped it.
“Well, you and things look!” Sasha was silent for a bit, and then answered: “You know, I always think about sex.
“” Are you still a girl? “” Yes.
“” You know, Shurik, listen to my advice.
The first time I did it was about your age, and now it seems to me that it would be better to wait.
If you still decide on this, choose a guy who will not leave you in a month, a week or even a couple of minutes.
“” Do not worry, I understand.
“” I hope.

It seemed to me then that I, too, understood everything, but then I had to regret what I had done.
Please do not repeat my mistake.
And please delete this movie.
“To my surprise, she obeyed without objection, thanked me for my concern, kissed me on the cheek and said that she would go to bed.
I wished her good night and went into the living room.
– – When I opened my eyes the next morning, I was in for a surprise: the first thing I saw was the face of my sister, framed by brown hair to her shoulders, from which dark eyes were fixed to me.
The girl was lying under one blanket with me.
“Sasha! What are you doing here ?!” “I’m trying to wake you up.
“She stretched out her hand and began to tickle me.
Her hand dropped dangerously close to my crotch.
I slept without anything and did not want her to feel for my morning strut, so that I, as if playing, rolled it to the other side, with my back to me. webcam show at work
At that moment, I realized that she was wearing only a tight-fitting T-shirt, but no shorts or at least panties.

I froze for a few moments, but this time Sasha was enough to snuggle me with his bare ass, but so well that my finally hardened member slid between her buttocks.
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) After another couple of seconds, I realized that this was what she was trying to achieve – the anus and the skin around him were generously smeared with cream.
I wanted to move away, but she threw her hands to her head, felt my neck and hugged me tightly.
From this movement, my dick jumped out of the slippery hollow, and Sasha threw her leg on my knee, holding my dick between my belly and my buttock.
“Do not.
“she asked softly.
“Sasha, we can not do that.
“I just lowered my head, and my face buried in silky hair.
I have to admit, the scent of an adult woman was already added to her childish smell.
“Remember what you said.
You will never leave me.
You will always be with me.
So I want to be with you for the first time.
Just come on while in the ass.
“I realized that I would still agree, and it makes no sense to break.

After all, she is a girl, not me.
I turned Sasha over on my stomach and straddled her slender hips.
For a while I just looked at her charming ass, then I put my palms on the soft hills and gently squeezed them.
Sasha squeaked.
I began to caress the silk skin of her back, rising higher and crushing the T-shirt.
Finally, the soft fabric rode up to the narrow shoulders.
I leaned over and kissed her back, and Sasha sighed loudly.
I moved a little lower and aimed my dick into the pink hole of her ass.
The head hid half in a crater surrounded by wrinkles.
I gently pressed, but nothing happened.
It felt like I was trying to shove my instrument into someone’s clenched fist.
I took Sasha’s small but soft buttocks and spread them apart, and then pressed again.
At first it seemed to me that nothing would happen, but suddenly the head slipped inside, forcing Sasha to twitch a little.
Her passage was so stretched that all the wrinkles around were smoothed out.
“Come on.
“whispered Sasha.

I tried to go further and stopped.
I felt my pulse Sashin as a member.
It is difficult to describe this feeling.
I was moving in short jerks, the walls of the anus pressed against my organ, as if trying to push it out.
But after a while I almost completely entered my sister’s ass.
I stopped and looked down at my dick, tearing Sasha’s elastic hole.
“How do you?” I said it a little strained.
I feel every inch of your pussy.
“” Doesn’t it hurt you? “” Nope.
In the beginning it really hurt, and then it became wonderful.
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