romanian webcam tube We went to the bathhouse, talked about intimate life.
She told me that she had not been fucked for 3 months, and that she even masturbated at work, the benefit of a separate office.
And I told her in colors how you fucked me all night long.
She, on the basis of fasting for a member, flowed, and it was oh so noticeable, I tell you.

Well, without thinking twice, I was fucking her right in the bath.
Fucked hard, and she was a good boy.
Then I realized that today we all together will easily credit it.
We, boys, humanitarian aid for the underdid.
And now I set a goal – to fuck all more or less pretty girls in our village.
You are for? Still would!!! – we answered together. Webcam boys videos. That’s nice! Just all need an approach, and I know it.
Do you want to be a private detective? She asked this question as if she knew the answer in advance.
I do not know, never thought about it.
– I answered honestly.
– But why are you asking? I met this woman quite recently.
She did not belong to any commission, or she herself had affairs here.

Although she came by taxi, I immediately realized that she was not as simple as she wanted to appear.
She must have a mansion and a car with a personal driver.
Bentley, no less.
I want to offer you a little work.
Are you sure? I’m not a detective at all.
Oh, this is not an investigation into the dirty affairs of the mafia.
This is such a game.
She opened her purse, rummaged there and handed me a business card.
Izayoi Aki, chairman of the department of internal and general research “, was listed on it.
The business card was made very high quality, glittered with gloss, and the letters sparkled with gold.
And yet on the side was the logo of this mysterious office: a flower surrounded by foliage.
He looked very solid, but for some reason I was embarrassed.
I guess I even blushed, but did not immediately understand why.
However, looking closer, I realized that the flower looks quite like an open pussy, and the leaves around are folded into two standing members.

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Perhaps it was just my inflamed imagination, but the card really hinted at the genitals! And, if you think about it, “internal research” with this logo means picking pussies.
Common pussies.
It seems that I even felt a strange fragrance emanating from this business card.
Some kind of unusual perfume or something.
Such a light, barely noticeable, but at the same time strong aroma, which made my head spin.
Are you okay? – the woman got worried.
Yes, I’m sorry.
– I was even more embarrassed.
Our company conducts large-scale research.
The game I want to offer you can be part of such research.
I nodded, listening attentively, and suddenly realized that she was looking at me in a strange way.
Outwardly, she was serious and confident, but somehow her eyes glided almost imperceptibly through my body, as if appreciating it.
I wasn’t exactly sure, but it seems that most of the time he lingered on my skirt, as if trying to lift her up.
Then she looked at my legs, but after a moment she returned to my skirt.

After what I dreamed of on the business card, I was not sure of anything.
Most likely, it was my imagination, but soon I felt how my pussy was heating up.
These coincidences excited me, no matter how I fought with such thoughts.
You see, as Mrs. natalia trukhina webcam porn Aki continued, as if nothing had happened, one of our employees forgot a laptop with important documents somewhere in the north of Lingrin.
We managed to connect to it and take a snapshot of the webcam, after which the battery sat down.
What camera? – I wondered uncomprehendingly.
The lady hung up for a moment, then smiled and explained: Such a little built-in camera.
They are being developed by several companies, and we were fortunate enough to test them.
Never heard of such things.
I saw cameras, of course, but they were all too big to shove them into a laptop.
Here is this photo.
The lady pulled a small envelope out of the bag and handed it to me.
Inside was a photograph of a rather mediocre quality, in which I saw only the room, the old cabinet and a pile of boxes.

Where is it? – I asked.
It is you who must find out how real detectives do.
Just do not tell anyone about this – I would not want our competitors to know about the boilful employee.
I’m not sure.
– I admitted.
– How do I find this place? Use this one, – she lightly touched my head and casually ran her hair through it.
This is encouraging, I tried to joke, but my voice treacherously trembled.
I was pleased with her touch, and she spoke with a gasp so that a shiver penetrated my involuntarily relaxed body.
And be careful, Linda-chan.
– She said mysteriously.
– Although it is a game, take care of it.
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