russian webcam old vids Mila jerked at first, as if she was going to protest, but then went limp, plunging her face into Katkina’s open pussy.
Katka made a new moan, breathing, and she prostrated herself with one long, intermittent sound.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!” I realized that she had finished, because even Mila was twitching from Katkin’s tremors.
Well, I continued to “tinker”.

Now I was not afraid to end prematurely (I doubted.
I’d finish it for the fourth time in a row), therefore I moved a member into Lyudmila’s vagina actively, with a big flare, experimenting, changing the frequency and amplitude of shocks, sometimes taking the whole member outward and immediately driving it to its full depth, hitting Milins’ buttocks with testicles.
And then, finally, Ludmila finished too.
She didn’t howl like Katka, but on the contrary, she said softly and in some way, inanimate.
“Oh!”, And then trembled with a large shiver and.

her vagina became resilient and contracted strongly, squeezing my penis in her “arms”.
It seemed to suck him, as before Katykin’s mouth, and.
My dick, too, could not resist.
He released at least one jet straight into the depths of the Ludmiliny Boson! I immediately pulled it out, irrigating my buttocks with another thin trickle of Milina, but I already knew that the irreparable had happened.
– I.
– I screamed in fright, unable to find the right words from excitement.
– Finished me? – Lyudmila finished my sentence, without even turning around. indian girls sex in hidden cam
– Yes.
– I hopelessly dropped.
– Oh no no no! – Mila pretended to sigh, having already turned to me and clinging to me with her tight breasts.
– You’ll have to become daddy now! I did not know what to do, where to put myself.
My eyes suddenly rested against the sexual organ of Lyudmila, from whose half-open lips flowed and slowly my sperm dripped onto the floor.
– And maybe she will flow out? – I asked with a flash of hope, pointing with my finger at these whitish drops.
– It will out, but not all! – Lyudmila put me in her place.
– And one sperm is enough! – So what to do? – I almost cried.
– Okay, calm down! – Ludmila finally took pity.
– Today you can.
– BUT.

what’s the difference? – I asked in surprise.
– Oh, you darkness! – Mila sighed.
“Okay, I will teach you everything, I’ll show you everything!” I’ll spend with you a sexy educational program, so be it! Two weeks of my vacation on the main is enough.
Well, now – on the Volga, swim! Needless to say, the next two weeks were filled for us three to the brim with inexpressible, almost round-the-clock enjoyment! And for Katka and me, the knowledge and experience gained during this time became a voucher for the rest of the sex life! Lyudmila was just an excellent, wonderful teacher! Dad was silent.
There was a smile on his face associated with pleasant memories.
– Here, this was my first experience.
As you can see, also with relatives.
“But, papa,” I said with renewed doubts.
– Is it right after all? After all, no one does.
– Well, why no one! – Dad smiled.
“It’s just that they try not to advertise it, because in our society it is considered immoral or something.”
– You see! – I could not resist.

Dad has become serious.
“Let’s figure it out,” he said.
– As I said, marriages between close relatives in our country are prohibited.
Just marriages! And why? Yes, because many hereditary diseases when conceiving a child from close relatives have a much greater chance of manifesting it.
And it is perfectly correct and correct.
In our case, about any conception of speech and can not go! We have a completely different goal!
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