sex video of wife on hidden camera The guys gently but decisively helped Anton undress: they took off his T-shirt, socks, trousers, swimming trunks.
Finding that his dick is tense, Sergey cheerfully patted Anton on the shoulder – “I see you already like it.”
When Anton was already stripped, his younger comrade began to take on him at the order of Andrei.
He crouched next to the embarrassed Anton on his haunches and gently took his dignity in his mouth.

Anton had never experienced anything like this – it was very nice and exciting.
Sasha — that was the name of the younger — licked his head for a while, making rotational movements with his tongue, then began to swallow Anton’s cock deeper and deeper, right into the depth of his throat, as a result of which the sensations became unusually sharp.
At this time, Andrew again began to ram Sasha from behind.
Anton noted to himself that at the same time he was even more excited – he began podmahivat Andrew and eagerly suck him, Anton, a swollen member.

A few minutes later, Andrei took out the member from Sasha’s body and suggested that he change his position.
Sergei, who was spinning along all this time, helped him to turn around, and Sasha slowly began to sit down with the open anus on the upright member of Anton.
Anton felt the resistance exerted by the anus ring of his penis, then it unexpectedly gave way to pressure, and the member slipped into the warm and slippery depth.
Now Sasha started at first a little bit, and then more and more sit down on Anton’s member.
Rested, Sergei occupied the free hole in front, true, for this he had to stand on the lower shelf with his feet and his hands to rest on the edge of the opposite upper one.
Anton did not remember how long this session of love lasted, it seemed to him that an entire eternity had passed, but finally he felt that a wave of excitement covered him like an avalanche, and after several movements he began to finish right in the anus of his partner.

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He, sensing the approach of this moment, slowed down his movements and began, as it were, to squeeze Anton’s member by squeezing, squeezing out of him portion by portion of sperm.
Anton was gripped by a pleasant languor and he, pulling his penis free, fell backwards on the shelf, barely catching his breath.
Soon he felt someone’s touch – it was Andrew.
He gently stroked the fallen member of Anton and stared into his eyes.
Anton did not know what to do.
In response, he put his hand on Andrei’s penis, marveling once again at how beautiful this large phallus was with its red, dull gleaming head and even thick svol no less than 22 cm long.
Andrew seemed to be waiting for this.
He moved closer, so that his dick swayed right in front of Anton, and made an impatient oncoming movement to his lips.
Anton hesitated, but glancing at the other guys, he saw that no one was watching him with Andrey, and he touched his lips to Andrey’s member.
He felt the pleasant smell of the male body and, with his tongue and lips, felt the velvety softness of the head.

Then the head filled his mouth and rested against the sky.
Anton did not know what to do next, but Andrei began to fuck him in his mouth himself – slowly and carefully, shallowly dipping the member into Anton’s open mouth.
Then Andrei increased the penetration depth of the penis and his movements became faster, more rhythmic.
Soon, Andrew entered into a rage, making shock movements, so that his member rested against Anton directly in the throat, and after a few seconds, a spasm passed through Andre’s body, and he tightly grasped Anton’s head with his hands, thrust him deeply and Anton’s throat struck a jet of hot thick liquid, quickly filling his mouth.
Anton wanted to step back, but his partner firmly pressed his head, and he had to make several swallowing movements.
The taste of sperm did not disappoint him – an unexpected and somewhat pungent aroma with a slight bitterness was not disgusting to him.
Andrei took a member out of Anton’s mouth, and his place was taken by Sergey, as it turned out, he had already been watching the spicy scene for several minutes.

Anton had no choice but to accept the second member.
It was smaller, but it gave Sergei the opportunity to push him deeper into Anton’s throat, so that he did not suffocate.
At the same time, Anton felt that someone’s soft hand was gently massaging his penis, and then he discovered that the finger of one of the remaining partners was sneaking into his anus.
From surprise, Anton sharply squeezed the sphincter, but the finger remained motionless, and after a few seconds, again began to explore the backside of Anton.
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