trans webcam chat The orgasm that followed from these actions was so strong that Nina screamed, throwing her body from side to side, and lost consciousness.
In the rooms, the men squirmed when they heard the sound of that cry, but again they fell silent.
Inga, pleased with herself, laughed, looked up from her occupation and lay down on Nina from above, looking at how consciousness returned to her, her eyes became meaningful and a guilty smile appeared on her face.
Nina completely recovered herself, looked at smiling Ing, sighed and laughed.

Listen, friend, in porn I saw how they do it, but never once, so that someone would lose consciousness at the same time from pleasure.
What do you know some secret? Come on, Inga.
What secret is Nina? Just you, it turns out, is predisposed, to receive love and pleasure from a woman.

Your orgasm was awesome and strong.
I myself saw this for the first time and even ended up with you. trans webcam chat
Good! I like to give pleasure to a woman, caressing her.
I like your juices.
I feel good with you.
Come on and I’ll do it for you, now I owe you.
No, I already got mine, from your Lesha, and from you.
In addition, you will not be able to immediately, you will feel at ease.
Let’s really run away on our men, a lot of time already.
Let’s look at them tomorrow, on their behavior.
Having gone under the shower again, the women went their separate ways, each with her husband to the side.
– ————————————————- ——————————– – In the morning all the girls came, who had woken up long ago and now they needed to eat.
Nina got up and, taking the girls, went with them to her.

Inga also got up and washed, put on a robe and began to clean up the table after yesterday.
The men were still twisting on the beds, but they also got up.
Heads that ached and demanded at least a little, but opohmelki.
Inga, pour us with Lesha a glass, fix the heads.
It is not necessary in glasses, there will be little, and the grammer is just right.
Sit down, Lesha, the booze is still there.
Oh, and we gave in yesterday, I don’t remember the last thing, how I went to bed, I don’t remember at all.
Yes, everything is normal, not every day we have such events.
As in the city, now, we will live, with conveniences.
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