webcam archiver premium Experience suggested that the psychological aspect is always more important in breaking the will of a woman than the physical suffering that only hardened her.
Although he knew what he wanted from her, he still did not decide in detail what was required to turn her into what he wanted.
She did not seem to have a particularly strong will, but on Cancun his team discovered some interesting facts.
Excessive custody of her family made her quite ingenuous in an intellectual sense.

In addition, she had strong convictions, in particular about the family; these feelings of loyalty and community were rather strange and old-fashioned, but he thought to take advantage of them.
Another interesting and tasty morsel was that, although she was inclined to consider herself modest and shy, and perhaps even chaste, there were occasions when she behaved very differently.
So, a couple of times in Cancun, observers to their surprise noticed that after several glasses, she was ready to surrender to several guys, one on the beach and another in a bar one night.

And dressed quite provocatively.
Of those cases, of course, nothing came of it, but it was quite interesting, and it seemed somewhat anomalous.
It was obvious to him that there was a certain gap between how she sometimes acted and how she perceived herself, which suggested that she could be more sexual than she thought herself.
His team took a photo and video of her on Cancun and e-mailed them to him.
His first thought was when he saw her how young she looked to him.
But, again, they all looked young.
After watching the films and listening to her conversations, which were secretly taped, he decided he would act as follows: the team would isolate her on the boat, and begin to treat her sexually cruelly and rudely; at the same time, he will add her to the drug program “friendship.” webcam squirt vids
Within reason, men will have complete freedom of action with her body.
They will put a gag in their mouths and will not allow them to leave the “game” too early – it must bear the brunt of terror and helplessness.

She will not be allowed to sleep, will be given the minimum amount of food that will only allow her body to continue to function.
There will be no hours; she will soon become temporarily disoriented, losing any sense of time except daylight and darkness.
She will not be allowed to properly perform the functions of the body, and will be punished in many ways, using her own feces for long periods.
As a rule, this will accelerate the psychological breakdown of young and previously protected girls.
After it breaks down, he will begin his re-education program.
He will take the name given to her at birth to remove any emotional support that it could provide her.
Because the best thing for him is to develop a positive relationship with her.
He will not take part in breaking it during sexual reprogramming or training that will follow.
In fact, he will try to avoid Victoria during her preparation.
It should be considered as a missing “Master”, which, perhaps, will only appear later.

In addition, as soon as she is broken, one or two guys will be especially brutal in her teaching and training, while the other team member will try to maintain her or be trustworthy.
During this initial period it will also be that the “evil” person will be gentle with her from time to time, while the “good” will support one day and insult the other.
This is all necessary to bring her out of psychological balance – she must unlearn the habit of “trusting your instincts.”
The training program will consist of the use of force to force her to engage in sexual acts, most of which, he was sure, would be degrading to her.
When she begins to cooperate, she will be rewarded, and strong physical and psychological punishment will be used only to punish unacceptable behavior.
If she, like everyone else, Vicki will very quickly begin to accept sexual behavior for men.
After she adopts this style, the level of sexual humiliation will be constantly revised upwards.

While physical coercion is also important, mental coercion will still prevail, for which her family will be used (the threat of physical reprisal of family members, if she refuses to cooperate, will convince Victoria to abandon her, and through conversations, subtly make fun this loyalty to the family, as something old-fashioned and, perhaps, even illegal under the circumstances).
Finally, he will show her how sexually contradictory she is.
He uses it to undermine the protection of Victoria and her conservative sexual values, in order to liberate as much as possible.
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