webcam girls v vk Lenka came a little later and immediately bombarded me with questions.
How? From where Did you buy it? This is, after all, expensive.
I didn’t buy it, but I received it as a bonus, ”I replied proudly, then added:“ He’s old, they are not so expensive.
But for the Internet it will come down! The whole evening went on to teach Lenka to use e-mail and surf the Internet.

We sat side by side – cheerful and lively, just like in the days of our first meetings.
And it seemed that the past was rejected, gone, sunk into oblivion, and from that moment on we will again be, as in our youth, a single whole.
Alas – the doorbell destroyed our idyll.
At once we shuddered, froze and.
left to sit still.
Finally, I startled.
I will now say this, all that should.
I will fight for my love, for my life! I got up, determined, but Lenka beat me to it.
She had managed to cope with a stupor and, leaving me a hoarse voice: “sit, I will look,” quickly went to the door.

My determination was replaced by indecision.
Go after her and tell him ?.
But then it will be clear to all that I know.
Is it not clear to everyone? I, probably, for the first time clearly understood the reason why I close my eyes to obvious things.
I can MAKE a VIEW that I don’t know – that’s what’s the matter.
It kinda gives me some time out.
Lets not respond.
And if I open up, I’ll have to react! There are so many games in our life, and the games are stupid, untalented, often meaningless! Lenka, in the corridor said something quietly and quickly.
I heard only the word “husband.”
She probably said husband at home.
The husband is, therefore, me.
So she calls me now.
Not by name, no – husband! This means, unloved, boring to hell, boring man with whom she is forced – such is the woman’s share – to share the shelter and bed. webcam santa monica
That is what is in the mouth of a woman – a husband.
Lenka returned crimson with shame.

Of course – the lover-lover comes straight home, without even thinking that there can be a husband at home.
If you continue to pretend that I do not understand anything, you had to ask: who came, why.
but I sat like frozen.
The happiness that had returned to tonight was trampled down by dirty shoes of reality.
Lenka timidly touched the keyboard with her finger, adjusted the mouse pad.
Silence became unbearable.
It won’t happen again, ”she said so softly that I could read my lips rather than hear.
How could you? – our game ended in “I see nothing, hear nothing”.
I do not know.
I do not understand.
– she burst into tears sobbed like a hurt child and I had to hug her by the shoulders.
Lenka turned and pressed herself to me with a quivering body.
I stroked her hair, kissed her tear-stained cheeks.
This evening we had sex.
My forced temperance is over.
In bed, Lenka behaved in constraint and did not at all resemble that former Lenuscu, tormenting me with passionate caresses.

Perhaps it seemed to me, but, in my opinion, she simulated an orgasm to show that everything was the same with us.
My soul was hard and restless.
However, the next morning we both woke up in a good mood.
In the morning, all the problems seem trivial, while in the evening they can drive you crazy.
Immediately after breakfast, we again sat down at the computer.
And again, like yesterday, the former unity has returned to us.
Forgetting – almost forgetting – everything, we enthusiastically roamed the sites, subscribed to mailings.
Suddenly, Lenka smiled tightly: I just remembered – we were invited to a birthday party! Yevgeny Pavlovich, our chief, has an anniversary for fifty years.
He told me to come with my husband.
Honestly, I didn’t want to go to a party where strangers would drink, ineptly dance and crimp in the corners.
But there was nothing to do – I had to agree.
The day passed quickly, and in the evening we began to gather.

I noticed with unpleasant surprise that my wife wore the shortest skirt I had ever seen on her and stockings with pazhiki.
She had only to bend down a bit – the picture opened was breathtaking.
But the trouble is that she was going to show these pictures not to me, but to all those who gather at the anniversary party of the chief.
Another blow was her, to the obscene, transparent blouse.
Lenka’s bra did not put on and looked almost like on the beach, where topless sunbathe.
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