webcam women tube I fell asleep with the firm intention to get up early and go on the “hunt.”
And of course, overslept.
I came to the beach when the sun was hanging at the zenith.
At this time, two categories of tourists are splashing into the sea: those who have never seen the sea and those who drank their entire vacation and came running to swim and grab their portion of the sun before leaving home.

I stood for a couple of minutes, looking at the red from the sunburns of the backs of the balsacian office coquetteers and did not hesitate to walk more than two hundred hundred meters to the looming cafe.
Here I saw her.
Cute blonde, not spoiled by tanning beds and silicone.
She talked about something with the bartender, leaning on the bar, putting on the public a strong ass of those who do not need to emphasize the mini skirts and draw attention to her by the antics on the dance floor.
I did not see her chest, but judging by the bartender looking unnaturally into the eyes of the blonde, there was something “not to look at.”
We passed each other at the bar itself when she went to her table with two servings of ice cream.

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She really was gorgeous.
Slim athletic waist, coupled with a high-breasted fervent third size killed on the spot.
The bartender forgot about his wine glasses and wiped sweat from his forehead with a towel.
The only thing that confused me was that the blonde was not alone.
With her was a boy of seven.
But the kid is not a husband, but the legal spouse was not observed in the cafe.
I felt in the pocket of the treasured jar.
She probably became my talisman during the trip, because a great idea came to my mind.
I went to the table, diligently giving my Mephistophelian smile a friendly look.
As a connoisseur of ice cream, could not help but approach you.
Tell me, what brand is worth trying in this cafe? Take a banana, – the lad responded instantly.
Syoma, ”the blond said.
I think you’re right, buddy, – I played along to him.
– And what do you think? Do not look into the cut of a dress blonde really was a feat, poor bartender.
In the choice of ice cream trust the seeds.
She ruffled his hair with a smile.

So we will order three, no, six portions, – I raised my hand, calling for the waiter.
No no.
I probably have enough for today.
With your figure and worry in such trifles as an extra spoon of ice cream ?, – I felt a trembling in my knees, like a hunter in a pen chain, it’s not clear only from what: from sharp cheekbones and sensual lips or from what my plan was close to implementation.
The blonde turned down, smiling embarrassed.
Half an hour later I already knew that her name was Nastya, and that her husband somewhere was eating pears, and a lot of unnecessary details that I missed by the ears.
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