webcam y We are at the limit.
Another orgasm, and we fall with all our devices on the bed next to each other.
Further complete shutdown:
Values ??change from day to day: That is complete peace, then one fuss.

First, money is ruled, chasing ringing, Then lend two rubles mate.
That you like blondes tall thin, That dark plump and naughty.
Sometimes the value has an outfit, and often a diploma and a conscious look.
For weeks you live without alcohol, Then vodka, beer, midnight riot.
Sometimes the table is full of gourmet dishes, then you sit on the stocks like a camel.
And so it is constantly from a minus to a plus: then I math, then I pray to God.
From one extreme to the other, he throws me: I am on a horse, now without a horse.
It is not easy to reach the golden middle: First a hunter, and then I am a game.
Then I am exhausted, keep afloat, And then against the waves that are urine rowing.
I want stability for many years: In deeds – so that balance, in feelings – so that parity.

But the passion I wear, bad wood chips, And I then pop up, then drowning again.
Let all those who wish to sleep with me are afraid – I have no reason for that, and many know it.
Someone is ashamed of the life of action, but not me.
Not only in this you have the answer to me.
I know many “blasphemous” examples when an arrogant young man or the “queen” went to bed together in bed and inadvertently embraced, tried to fuck a friend.
But I will say: you should know what you are ready for (or ready for) – Your soul and body again want to feel what? Love, warm il.
only passion – hot bodies touch and tension members itching, turning into a collision, and in the weasel, friction and tearing each other at night to excite, and dissolving in the desires of sex, to satisfy the flesh of a friend.
So, the soul, playing with the soul, dissolving into the fire of the other – uniting in one person, carrying the charge of energy, wanting to be closer and more familiar, wanting modesty, in the distance carrying it away, uniting forever.

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Here it is – friendship, man!
I have a fever, I go all day, like a fool, Well, well, that I am a big damn! Is the heat really the reason for not putting a man in a pussy, And fucking thermometer to insert it ?! I sit and soar on my feet, with Harey red from the flu And I’ve fingered the clitoris manually, But does it make sense for this whore?! – I don’t like fakes, brothers! I would have a dick, and better two, I wouldn’t have a headache – All the heat through the pussy would have gone, Well, if there is not enough, I’d also suck, Than I swallow the chemical solution! But, alas, with such a mug, even a drunken scourge cannot, And pussy, like the stove is hot! – I am sitting alone sick, picking the clitoris with my fingernail, In the place of the dick between the legs a candle!
Giraffe somehow fell in love with the beauty of Oblizyan.
He gave her bananas, coconuts, cypress.
But, having met Ligushka, I registered in the swamp.
And he thought long-necked: he stayed there forever.

But, since he saw SLON, she would have inflamed her passion, she would not offend the princess, she gently said: “I love you, baby, but my heart is different!” I will leave you, baby, at least well with you.
With the Elephant, they walked through the woods without fanfare. Live webcam girls 18. They met 7 bright Lebleds.
Elephant, he immediately threw and ran away to the Lebedi.
Giraffe, my, was a dummy – he was looking for happiness.
Seeing, like a lioness, he ran away from the Lebedy.
And promising, zhanitsa, gave gifts to her.
And the Lioness agreed, because she is a trifle.
Giraffe so twisted – do not break out asshole.
There are no such words to express How I love you, How I can’t stand without you, How I tremble at you Because I want No such words to say What I want to know from you, Do you want me? Do you love like me? I tremble with you beside, When you envelop with a tender look I burn when you touch me I do not exaggerate, I really shiver Not from the cold, Sid, Because I want I want to be yours, I go to bed with you You wanted to die of sex ?

Sid, let’s faint together! I am excited by your name, Your eyes, smile, eyelashes, Your walk, manners, your voice, Sid Do not tell me that you are indifferent Better say that you are sick I think, thinking of you Every day you dream of me in an erotic dream This is an attraction flesh, rabies uterus Magnet me to you !!! I would like to kill myself, To not want so
At the dense forest, Where the dawn sleeps There lived a merry rake Hundred with kopeks of years, He left the city a long time ago, He lost himself from worries, Though he was Casanova of Our Russian latitudes!
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