xhamster webcam live With a small gurgling sound, Nick pulled an artificial penis out of Tanya, then hesitated for a while, took it in her mouth and studied the moisture with which it was covered.
Satisfied with the taste, she filed a member Tanya to get her portion.
Then Tanya came up with an idea, but she didn’t tell Nick, just told her to go to bed, and she ran to the kitchen, where she picked up warm boiled water as a member and plugged it.
With a full hot dick, she leaned toward Nick and with a sly look in her eyes, she thrust this dick into Nike, making here startle from too hard and big dick filled with water.

Fucking this toy with Nick, who moaned mournfully, Tanya got excited again, and without realizing what was happening, drove her finger over the petals of her vagina, causing them a light, pleasant tingling sensation.
Accelerating the movement of his nervous fingers in her pussy, Tanya gradually accelerated the movement of a member who was wet, but already from Nicky.
The penis was wide and firm, but the soft latex coating made the penetration painless and, on the contrary, was only pleasant.
Powerful head briskly pushing the lips of sex, sucking in the tips of the lips.
When Nika finished, Tanya understood this over her strongly reddened cheeks and watering eyes, she sharply pressed on the testicles of this member and a hot stream of water struck Nicky in the bosom, striking the uterus, doused with a pleasant wave of warmth and sensation of male ejaculation.

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At what? – asked Nick.
BUT? Yes, water is.
So much better, right? Well.
Like a man cums in you.
although I never felt it.
In the sense of? Well.
Man, I have.
It was never.
Did not have?! – Tanya was discouraged.
– Who.
There were good people.
– Nika shook her head.
– I’ll go wash.
Do not miss, baby.
The news that Nicky never had a man clearly surprised her.
Never know how a man pulls you on yourself, never feel his muscles, penis, body taste and smell.
She suddenly wanted to correct this misunderstanding.
When the day came for the show, the atmosphere in the dressing room was heated to the limit.
The girls tried not to talk to each other in order not to quarrel again.
Taya tried to keep herself in hand, which she managed more or less well, thanks to the cares and support of her more experienced and adult passion.
Nick diligently protected Tanya from all kinds of trouble and from the attacks of other girls, if that happened.
Almost three hours later, when the show ended, and the guests began to disperse, so that the next day to watch a few more shows the next day, Nick and Tanya went home.
Both exhausted to the limit.
Overstrain still shook hands, and in front of his eyes floated gray veil.
They didn’t have time to go outside, when a car stopped near them, and Igor looked out of the open window of the car at them.

Toss you, ladies? No, we ourselves.
– Nick started, but Tanya interrupted him.
Of course.
What are you doing? – Nick squealed on her.
– Sit down to the first comer.
Take it easy,.
This is my good friend Igor.
This calmed Nick a bit and she got into the car.
Tanya presented them to each other, and Igor, in turn, presented the girls with her companion.
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