xhamster webcam sex Slowly, sometimes a little sucking the anus with his lips to suck the sweat from the very recess.
It needs to be done for a long time.
So that everything was clean and fresh there.
If I will be diligent, then the anus will relax slightly, and I will be able to get my tongue inside the Lord’s ass.

This is my goal and reward.
The truth so far I rarely succeed, for which I receive regularly as punishment my unplanned three-liter enema with a thick soap solution, which I put myself before the Lord in front of cancer.
Now the testicles.
I must be extremely tender.
For a very, very long time, I will suck and lick them.
The bitch’s mouth rarely touches the Lord’s Member himself, although he is ready for this at any moment.
Feeling of a head throat I have to deserve.
In the meantime, you can only lick the testicles and anus.

The true size and firmness of the Member of the Lord will feel when I take it deep in the ass. xhamster webcam sex
I stand cancer on the bed completely finished.
I have to be so ready always – naked, epilated, proklizmennoy, carefully lubricated and with anal plug.
I always prepare myself long for a Member of the Lord.
Deep, taut enemas every morning and evening, and always before the meeting, take a long time.
Sometimes Mister himself puts them to me.
Then it is also accompanied by a whipping while holding water inside.
It is very difficult.
After all, so that not a drop of water from the three liters poured into my ass does not spill, I have to squeeze the point strongly, straining my buttocks.
In this case, the blows of the cannon flogging become much more painful.
But most often I should put enemas myself.

Diligently, diligently and not shirking.
After all, I have to be clean and easy, so that I can be planted with a point on a large Member of the Lord without any problems at any moment.
And now I’m washed patiently waiting, sticking out my bare ass, not daring to look back.
I am very much afraid of the moment when I am ordered to remove the butt plug, and I will have to spread my buttocks wide apart with my hands without a reminder.
After all, I was so used to traffic jam that I feel even more naked without it, and now I feel that any movement of air in the room is defenseless and completely open with glasses.
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