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Pubis covered with a soft coat looks more pleasant to the eyes and excites it more than a bald cunt, a hundred times.
Men, this is very important, femininity, the standard, because weaver exudes a pheromone that attracts the smell.
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It is pleasant to touch the shaggy pubes with your hand and feel the warmth and softness of the “pie” in your palm.
Not every woman knows, although they should know about it, for what, in this place, by nature, hair is given.
No wonder they grow believe, they have a purpose, and only stupid creatures can prefer a razor.
And those who want to be healthy, for the female part of the disease, never, for the sake of fashion, will not shave hair.
There is: in each case: wind, crying, the rain, and the curtain, and the fall.
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Do not say what you are.
The arrow on the two, I can not sleep yet, It’s all because it’s hot in the chest.
My thoughts on seeing you, With passionate passion for touching loving.
That would be hugging you right now, Cuddle to your body with a blissful peace.
Hand hold for silky hair, Inhaling your smell, feel that you are drunk.

Doomed to be in these moonlit nights, Just look at me your girlish eyes.
I think quietly, sadly dream, When I really want closer to his beloved.
My dreams of coming home.
After a rest, you dial my phone.
In the phone gently whisper: “My dear, it’s me:” And in five minutes I’ll be with you.
Open the door for me on the threshold of standing, Not a second without delay, I will hug you.
When I want to say that I can not sleep anymore.
You will not let me finish, and your lips will jerk like a thread.
I am you, you are me, You are me, I am you, And playing with fate, And bathing in wine.
I bow before you on my knee, I will twist your slender legs around with my hands, like whips of vines, Burning, they will touch my palm.
Drowning in the ocean of my kisses, Like a Sidon cat, meow timidly.
And in this moment, as if in a scarlet storm, Hundreds of thousands of needles pierce your body.
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young little butifool girls nude selfie webcam