bongacams sexy di And his harmful genes were transmitted, apparently, Vovochke.
He, too, was thinking about something when Marna Ivanna bent down, dropping the chalk.
But for the time being I was only thinking, although I often expressed my thoughts out loud.
That’s about his statements, Marry Ivanna once called Vovochka’s father to school.

It would be better if she did not.
Although, who knows, maybe she liked it.
But let’s not get ahead.
So, Vova’s father came to school, found Mariya Ivanna, they greeted – I don’t even know where to start.
Delicate topic.
-Yes, you do not extinguish, Mar Ivanna.
Cut the truth uterus.
– That’s right, you, in fact, said the topic.
The fact is that your son often tries to reveal something erotic, even, perhaps, pornographic from a harmless word, in short, obscene.
For example, the truth is the womb.
Little Johnny immediately begins to fix the attention of the whole class on the word MATKA.

Or: the main member of the proposal.
Little Johnny with a little smile begins to repeat the word: Member, member, member, member.
Again: one member, two members, polynomial, member.
In addition, the girls repeatedly complained that Little Johnny was trying to retire with them (albeit, one by one, and not with everyone at once), and, alone, was trying to pinch by the breast and behind the ass.
And to one girl, speaking her, he almost got into the pants.
She noticed it in time, although very dreamy.
And what he writes compositions! This is a solid debauchery. bongacams sexy di
For example, “Masha and Dubrovsky intermarried through the hollow.”
Come, in this class there is a storage room for storing classroom property.
There are notebooks on the shelves, I’ll get Vovochkin and show him what he writes.
Mar Ivanna climbed onto a stepladder, took notebooks from the shelf and began to descend.
Vovochka’s father, Lesha, not letting her go down on the floor, put his hand under her skirt, pushed her pants aside, put her finger in her crack and energetically moved them several times.

The woman choked with surprise and blushed, but she did not release the notebook.
Lesha took the notebooks from her, threw the pile on the table, unzipped his jeans, took out the device and brought it to Mar Ivanna from behind, allowing her to go down to the floor, but he pressed the woman to the stepladder.
The teacher was breathing heavily, flushing even more, but was submissive in strong male arms.
-What are you doing? -Let’s go to you.
I take you, goat etakaya.
At this time, the door to the classroom opened.
Lesha and the teacher froze.
-Mar Ivanna, where are you? Someone walked around the classroom, and when the debauchee thought the danger was over, Nadezhda Mikhailovna, the headmaster, entered the closet.
In her hands was a bag, the contents of which were soon met by those present.
– Hello, I’m a member of the parent committee.
Yes, I see that you are a member.
And, Masha, glad that you fuck!

Nadezhda Mikhailovna came closer, put her hand between the bodies and felt the nature of Lesha.
-Oh, let me talk to you too, as with a MEMBER of the parent committee.
I will only close the door to the classroom so that those who wish to talk with you will not be thrown here by the shaft.
The director closed the class and asked Marie Ivanna: – What did you not give me even once, although I repeatedly asked? I remember that you should have a sleeping bag in the closet, you left it here after the hike.
I took it when the tea inspector RUNO watered.
He froze then, poor fellow.
-And what are you, a lesbian? -No, I’m bisexual, and now you and you are convinced of this.
-And what, Nadezhda Mihailovna, we are already on you? -After all we are doing here, we can’t be different.
bongacams sexy di