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He gently raised the other hand with the other hand the other edge of the dress and, pulling back the panties, touched the ass with burning pepper, slipped into his unbuttoned pants.
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There lived a man with a woman, a man was lazy, a working woman.
Here the wife plows the earth, and the husband lies on the stove.
Once she went and screamed the ground, and the man stayed at home to cook, to feed the chickens, and he didn’t do anything: he fell asleep and overslept the chickens: he dragged all of them to the yard: he was running around the yard and shouting to himself, grass does not grow. sex video by hidden camera
Here came the hostess and asked: – Where are your chickens? – Oh, wife, my trouble! I fell asleep, and the crow of all the chickens and dragged.
– Oh, you, dog hateful! Come on, Curvin son, sit on the eggs, and hatch the chickens yourself.
The next day, his wife went to the field, and the man took a bast-basket with eggs, set it on the beds, threw off his trousers, and sat down on the eggs.

Here is a woman, do not be a fool, she took a coat and a cap from a retired soldier, dressed up, comes home and shouts loudly: – Hey, master! Where are you? A man climbed from the shelf and fell with the eggs to the ground.
– What are you doing? – Batuishka servant! Domovnichayu.
– Do you have a wife? – Yes, yes, it works in the field.
– And what are you sitting at home? – I’m incubating chickens.
– Oh, you son of a bitch! – And let him whip to blow with all his strength and to sentence:; – Do not sit at home, do not incubate chickens, and work, but the land of the pasha.
– I will, sir, and work and plow, by God, I will! – You’re lying, scoundrel! The woman beat him, beat, then lifted her leg: – Look, you son of a bitch! I was in a battle, so I was hurt – what, is my wound running through? Ali no? Man looks to his wife in pi.
do and says: – Clouded, sir! Baba left, changed into her woman’s clothes and back home, while her husband sits and sighs.

“What the hell are you doing?” – Yes, a soldier came, just beat me with a whip.
– For what? – orders work.
– It would be so long ago! It is a pity that I would not be at home, I would ask to add more.
– Well, oh well, and he will die! – This is why? Yes, he was in battle, there he was between his legs.
He showed me his wound and asked: “Is it alive?” I said: It is clouding, it hurts, but it is overgrown with moss! Since then, the man began to work and go on arable land, and the woman home-grown.
I open my eyes.
It’s so dark, I can’t see anything.
I am tied to the bed hand and foot.
It is cold here, but this is not a basement, but a bedroom.
I am trying to free myself, but nothing comes out of me: Quiet! This way you only hurt yourself.
It’s useless.
– Who are you and what do you need from me? – I am your Lord and now you are my sex slave.
– What?
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