cassidy lynn campbell Yes, and the gift bag was so swollen and heavy that the handles were about to burst.
In the car, you can not leave it, soprut, as well as that bought and what is not – I do not remember.
In this package, and condoms of two hundred species, and intrauterine devices, with a dozen typed, hole moisturizers, two ladies’ dildos shitty color and so on and so forth.
We saw another pharmacy and decided that after it to work we will jerk.

We went inside.
Dimka to the counter, and I sat on a low window-sill, there is no truth in my legs.
Package on the dirty floor set.
Dimka from the counter asked me about some kind of crap, and I began to rummage, look for a similar product so that the duplicate would not work.
Next to me, some kind of grandfather crouched down and shoved his laxative or fixative into all his pockets.
I saw the contents of my package and asked, they say why, my dear man, do you have so many fetones?

Good I was at this moment, affectionate and humane, so I did not send him, but I say that we open a brothel.
For veterans and male pensioners, under the patronage of the pension fund.
I thought that I would obmaterit and go away, but somehow he immediately became agitated, he twitched his ass and asked me, saying, how can I expect such an immediate joy.
I made a serious face through the face of a serious force, and I say that all questions are addressed to the main founder.
I show Dimka at the counter, and I only drove from him and I was a loader on the selection of personnel.
The grandfather does not let up, he says, in which areas will they open the dens? To think, to say? – Yes, with housing offices and red corners – I answer my grandfather – And do you need something? Grandma does not give? – Grandma gives something, but I don’t take it – a horny grandfather is broadcasting with a tear in his voice.

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She, she said, had one penicillin there, and the cobweb remained, and he would have gotten a little, a thicket and a little thick! Himself he is tall, fifty feet in a jump, no longer.
– Yes, where am I with my pension (and said so) suno? I felt sorry for my grandfather, but I can’t stop, the language is like a broomstick.
All I say, thought out.
Cost it to you, grandfather, will be ten rubles, a maximum – fifteen, in the pre-holidays will raise to forty.
This question is now the founder (I am showing Dimka) with the sponsors.
The rest of the pension fund will pay.
Under this problem, money by the government in a secret ruling is reserved in full.
Grandfather is forty years younger.
Let him think with joyful anticipation the rest of the days until his death inevitable will live.
Here and Dimka fits.
– And how, you, find something? – the grandfather asks deceivingly.
– Dim, give a card to my grandfather – I say.
– Fuck? – the newly appeared founder was surprised.

Yes, I say, my grandfather has a daughter director of a large wholesale tablet company, it can be useful.
Naive Dimka handed his grandfather his business card.
Grandfather grabbed her as a sevenfold pension and jumped to the exit.
We went outside, loaded the entire sexy range into the car and drove off to work.
I bit my elbows later.
If only it were all over! So no! Grandfather, apparently turned out to be extremely talkative and sociable.
The next morning at work was marked by a bursting telephone.
For the secretary, the calls were very offensive and somewhat incomprehensible.
– Are there free girls? – I asked the phone in a nasal voice, – On Kosygin Street, the house is like that, send a light one, but it is hard to walk to the housing office, your legs are aching for the weather.
The secretary first asked where you are, call the walrus hell, but then she was tired and just started throwing the tube.

The authorities turned out to be half more shrewd and decided that some newspaper gave our phone by mistake under the heading “Leisure”.
They decided to endure the day, and only then turn to the telephone node.
No sooner said than done.
The next day, there were no more than five calls at all, and I already decided that Hochma passed unnoticed and without consequences for me.
Early rejoiced.
Two days later, a lame security guard calls from our checkpoint and says that his relatives drove up to Dimka, and that he, a guard, those relatives in a jeep, went to the factory where we are renting the premises, missed.
cassidy lynn campbell