closeup teen anal webcam True, it turned out to be a cream-paint sitting on the hair before the first contact with water – but I washed it off for about 30 minutes, no less.
After washing, thank God, there was not a trace left, and – thus the criminal idea that cream paint was supposedly nothing, it is possible, remained in Dashuni’s head.
I understood this, and decided to give her the impression that once and for a long time would quench her thirst for reincarnation.
Cream paint – so cream paint; I called unchanged Aunt Zhenya, and she told me about the paint, which will transform Dashkin’s appearance, and it will be easier to wash off.

Now it was necessary to think through the script.
I thought and thought – and that came up.
One Sunday I offered her a new role-playing game.
We go to Aunt Zhenya, and there she transforms us – both her and me – and in the way each of us wishes the other.
In other words, Aunt Zhenya, who makes up Dasha, turns out to be a tool in my hands, and then, when she starts working for me, in Dashins.
My adult wife accepted this idea with a pig squeal, slapped me with all my physiognomy, and then I could continue on:
After that, we, transformed, go to the exhibition, where I will play the role of a foreigner, and Dasha – a casual acquaintance, who has taken me to translate the mysterious inscriptions and rattling of these crazy-Russian.

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By the way, at the same time and in Inglish practicing Dashka, otherwise she is cunning-dodging.
At first, I go there alone to 14.
00, pestered all oncoming with long English phrases, then – at 14.
And – there God already knows what happens.
At the end of the game sex mysteriously and inevitably glowed, promising us new, intriguing impressions and pleasures.
In what form, under what circumstances – we did not know.
The whole essence of such games, as we understood last time, is in publicity: our “acquaintance” should take place in front of outsiders who know nothing about us.
Their presence helps to feel the present reincarnation, from which it is creepy.
I was sure that such a large-scale adventure would strike Dashin’s nerves well and quench her thirst for reincarnations.
In addition, I was dissatisfied with my behavior in the last game and was going to rehabilitate myself.
No sooner said than done.
I agreed with Aunt Zhenya, a grumpy middle-aged Jewish woman, promising her good baksheesh “to the family fund”, and she gave us half a day on Sunday.
When the time came, we came there – excited Dasha was all out, into whom I want to transform her, but I kept silent, – and it began: my husband was seated in a chair.

When they took hold of her hair, she could not restrain herself – she cried out and looked at me inquiringly.
And as if nothing had happened, I give instructions: “paint her into a linen blonde”.
Dashka has big eyes, her cheeks have turned pink and shone, and all of her looks like Cinderella, who was invited to the ball.
Her hair was treated for an hour, or even more — such violent curls like hers are not easy to dye, and I asked Katya to do this (arguing it with Dasha’s shyness), and he retired for 40 minutes.
Then, however, had to wait for the same amount.
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