couple has sex on camera Although this is the most common entertainment option, I personally have been more fortunate for others.
“everyone has their own hell” – I saw this option only once, much later, when I graduated from the institute, and I was surprised why we didn’t think of it before.
The girl was punished with nettle, and her “targets” remained the same.

I watched the game (not participating in it) with pleasure, but later decided that everything was not so sweet.
Would anyone think of introducing nettles into mutual use.
And now, after all these interesting things – the rules themselves.
The game requires any coin, and a horizontal surface, the best table, although you can play on the floor, and on the carpet, and on the beach (clapping his palm flat ground) The game begins with the fact that the coin rushes once.
“Eagle”, or “Coat of Arms”, means winning a guy, “Tails” winning a girl (some of us seriously climbed into the dictionaries of some outlandish languages ??to find out whether everywhere obverse and reverse coins have such clearly distinguished names).

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The first throw determines the order of the move, and also means the first loss – the one who lost loses one thing worth 1 point (so it must be at the beginning of the game).
A short glance down at your partner and the game itself begins.
– The coin is thrown in turns, in batches of FIVE times, and the number of eagles drawn or tails in each series is counted.
No result in this way can be.
– If a tails (or eagles) fell three, and the eagles (or tails) two, then the girl (or boy) get one point, and decide how to use it.
If the tailgate (or eagles) fell four, then the player of the corresponding gender gets two points.
– If all five eagles (or tails) fell out, this is a bonus throw (we didn’t know such words, and without further ado, we called the throw “flash” not thinking much about card analogies).

The player does not receive points, but must “punish” the opponent in the easiest way not yet implemented in this game, that is, touch first, then touch, and so on.
The resulting points can be spent like this – Immediately spend.
That is, by winning one point, you can remove one thing from an opponent, worth one point, if he has one, such as a watch or tie.
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