dominant hips s bio and free webcam The result ripened immediately: Lena began to squirm and moan softly.
My cock was a stake, and I decided to act.
Putting my hands on the bed, I loomed over my sister and pushed into it to the very length.
God, this is amazing! I moved the pelvis, and her vagina was juicy enough to have a member walk in it like clockwork.

A few minutes later it seemed to me that Lena jerked.
Opening his eyes, I saw her look, but what expression he had was impossible to determine.
I did not stop and moved in the body of my sister, even under her watchful, full, for sure, bewilderment, look.
It was a damn for me, and it became my victory, because Lena said nothing and also spread her legs wider.
The thrusts became tougher, and with each entry her body shook.
At any time, parents or anyone else could enter the room and catch the children in such an unambiguous position.
Lena was able to figure out before me and with her right hand pulled a blanket onto our naked and sweaty bodies from sweat.
However, the bed creaked quite hard, and if it were not for the music, which has not stopped yet, then almost certainly the parents would have gone to find out what their Lena and Pasha are doing.

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“Hush, hush, slow down,” her sister whispered and clutched at the base of her penis.
In the intonation of her voice there was no rude protest, she just politely stopped my unbridled passion.
– You’re cool fucking! What else did you do when I slept? “I tasted you,” I answered quite honestly.
– Did you kiss me? – she smiled.
– No I just.
licked between your legs.
– Yes? – this time she was delighted.
– So how? – Just crazy.
You’re damn tasty.
You are my first.
– Are you a virgin? – No longer.
– Do it again.
Lick there.
I didn’t have to ask me twice, and I again came to this wonderful spring of living water.
Lena started and squeezed her hips, but then opened again, as far as possible.
While I was licking off her discharge, she whispered something and stroked my head with a soft palm.
Suddenly, Lena jerked sharply and wanted to cry out, but she squeezed her mouth in time.
Her waist arched, and from the vagina flowed, which I did not have time to lick.
After a few seconds, a new, even more powerful stream rushed.

Moisture flowed from her like blood from a wounded beast, and my face was completely covered with it.
I hugged her waist and kissed her cheek.
She was breathing heavily, and her eyes were wet with tears.
I exulted: the brother brought his sister to orgasm.
This fragile creature with silky skin and a delicate bud between the legs now shudders in a fit of passion, crying and laughing at the same time.
And I did it all! But it was still going on.
Without saying a word, Lena jumped at my dick, and I realized that she wanted to experience everything again.
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