goodcat webcam private You can look, – and stretched a mirror, – although, probably, it will be better seen in the bathroom.
Svetlana went into the bath, looked in the mirror and.
An amazing woman looked at her.

With a great haircut.
It is not known how Irina succeeded, but she was able to give her hair sufficient volume and amazing shape, so you can’t say that the length of her hair is short.
Although the whole picture looked like a short-haired lady with an elegant evening make-up.
Makeup was pretty bright, but not defiant.
And looking at her, there was no doubt that she was a woman.
Irina turned her into an amazing lady.
Super! – Svetlana returned to the hall, still stunned, – I can not believe it! Is there a difference compared to when you paint yourself? What are you ?! Huge! Heaven and earth! How did you manage? So, professional, – Irina left the answer, smiling, – went to the bedroom, we will pick you something out of clothes. time square web cam free
After going through a lot of everything, they stopped at a jeans sundress of a rather short length and with wide straps, a long-sleeved shirt that was worn under a sundress, and a jacket from above.
Instead of pantyhose, Irina gave her stockings.
There was no wide choice of shoes: there were only clogs and half boots.
The first Light could not even wear, well, and the second, with some efforts, soon found themselves on her feet.
And still, even though they were buttoned, it was obvious that the size was small.
Her legs were cramped, but beauty requires sacrifice.
Svetlana decided to spend the evening in them, otherwise without them it was felt that something was missing, but trying to take a few steps, I realized that the smaller size is not the only problem. goodcat webcam private