hijab webcam show Before leaving the bedroom, she straightened the collar of a satin robe, revealing the upper chest.
As she descended the stairs, the fireman closed the entrance door behind him.
The company was his second man.
He turned and walked up and down Julia with an appraising glance.

Her eyes opened wide.
They are.
“I hope you will not mind if my brother joins us,” the first fireman smiled.
– We do everything together.
By the way, I’m Tony, and he is Max.
If you say, we will leave immediately.
No problem.
Together, they filled the hall.
It would seem that Julia is afraid of such healthy people, but she felt only one thing: sexual arousal.
The threat of firefighters did not smell.
“I think the three of us are even more fun,” she replied, thinking that this simply could not be.
Like in a movie.
– Come on to the kitchen.
I will make tea.
She almost laughed.
Here they are, English manners.
Offer to drink tea! On her mind, she had something completely different.
“Tea is a business,” Tony admiringly looked at her decolletes and her hips.

“And I won’t refuse,” Max nodded.
“Especially if you add something stronger to it.” indian girls on webcam porn
While the men were seated at the table, Julia filled the teapot with water, put down the cups, took out a bottle of whiskey from the sideboard.
They talked about trivia, Julia simply answered their questions, feeling her male presence with her whole body.
In fire-resistant jackets and pants, tied with wide belts, in her neat kitchen they seemed like aliens from another planet.
With trembling hands, she poured tea, and in each cup she generously splashed whiskey.
The atlas of the dressing-gown emphasized the height of the chest, tight on the hips.
Her breasts were swollen, her nipples hardened and rubbed pleasantly on the bra material.
She felt that between her legs her panties were wet from the moisture dripping from her.
“Thank you,” Tony took her a cup of tea.
Max smiled as she leaned over the table to place his cup in front of him.
Now Julia saw that he was a little different from his brother.
The face is more angular, the jaw is more square.

But the eyes are exactly the same blue.
Only in them undisguised sexuality was read.
Something in it was from the primitive savage.
Julia felt hot.
She stood next to Max, her hip-covered thigh almost touched the fireman’s tight pants.
And when she wanted to turn, Max grabbed her belt with one hand.
Julia did not recoil when the other hand walked over her satin bottom.
“I think we’ll have to put out another fire, brother,” Max said, and winked at Tony.
– The lady certainly requires our attention.
Julia closed her eyes when the belt slipped to the floor, and Max’s hands converged on her waist.
She could not believe that this was happening.
What her fantasies turned into reality.
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