homemade hidden camera sex tape An hour later, the meeting began.
Oksana Petrovna once again listed orders and plans before her vacation, listened to questions and suggestions, and let go of the men.
They wished her a happy holiday.
From work on this day, she returned earlier.

Tomorrow, she will rest in the main tourist center of Catalonia – in Lorret de Mar and swim in the Mediterranean! And her plans necessarily included a trip to Barcelona.
For many years now, she had dreamed and wanted to visit this wonderful Spanish city, about which even Freddie Mercury sang with Montserrat Caballe.
She especially wanted to see the monument to Christopher Columbus in person.
The desire was dictated to her by one, from time to time, recurring sleep.
So that night, before the flight, she had the same dream.
Waiting for someone, and then as if looking for something and can not find.
Then the one she waited for comes, and they search together.
Each time she woke up at that moment and tried to remember what she was looking for there, but going through various options, she could not understand.

Mainly because of this dream, she finally decided to go to Spain and find out what he was for.
Who knows, and suddenly prophetic ?.
Moreover, curiosity was her weakness.
In general, she set herself the task during the holidays not to think about work, but the law of inertia, as it turned out, worked not only in physics, but also in human psychology.
Driving away, like annoying flies, thoughts about work, the young woman took a book she had bought from her purse and plunged into reading. gay trans cams
The book by the famous American author of thrillers, Stephen King, “The Game of Gerald” narrated about a girl who was in a hopeless situation.
The husband, wishing to do BDSM with her, handcuffed her to the bed, he had a heart attack, and to the dismay of his imprisoned wife, he died right before her eyes.
But this was not the worst thing in her position – it was impossible to call for help, nobody visited them, but she herself did not know how to escape from imprisonment, t.

the keys were out of range.
In addition, then falling asleep, then waking up, Jesse (that was the name of the heroine of the novel) visited all the fears that she experienced during her life.
Oksana plunged into reading, and already literally felt herself in the place of the heroine.
This is what the power of the author’s word means! At that moment she was Jesse.
Thoughts about work disappeared completely, all her mind is fully focused on the story of the unfortunate heroine.
“There were two more troubles that Jesse tried not to think about but could not.
She needed to go to the toilet, and she wanted to drink.
At the moment, the desire to cast overpowered the desire to pour in, but nevertheless, thirst frightened her much more.
She was not too strong yet, but she would intensify if Jessie could not break free from the handcuffs and get to the water tap.
She will intensify so that she did not want to even think about it.
“- wrote the king of American horror.
“What a nightmare,” Oksana thought to herself, but continued reading.

The reading acted soothingly on her, despite the alarming content.
She decided to read some more.
She stopped on the page where it was written: “Nervous needles and goosebumps ran along her hands.
Usually, she didn’t like such feelings, but not now; goose bumps were a thousand times better than muscle cramps, which she had expected as paybacks for a brief excursion into one of the worst moments of her past.
After a minute, she noticed a warm blurring spot between her legs and under the lower back and realized that she no longer needed to worry about urging herself to urinate.
Her body itself resolved its problems while she was asleep.
She still imagined herself in Jesse’s place.
The condition was relaxed.
How great it was to just lie down and not worry about anything!
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