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Removing the gun in the case and hiding, looked into the bedroom through the broken glass.
She slept wrapped in a blanket.
A trip for the whole day to another city was the best way possible in this situation.

All the way there I was thinking about how I would continue to live with this woman.
I caught myself thinking that I was remembering and scrolling through the whole situation of the day on a new one.
Experienced again and again.
Before her eyes were her body curves, wet peach sun-drenched skin covered with beads of sweat.
The way she knew how to lick her lips while talking, straightening her bangs, her eyes.
I hated myself for not being able to remember her with tenderness.
with love.
Is it possible that all her vytvorennoe can not destroy this feeling, which, I think, destroys me? Our business trip confirmed that we are moving in the right direction in our business.
This inspired hope that everything will work out and we will get out of the impasse in which the company is located.

On the way back, Vitaly, who first tormented me with questions, what had happened, why I was not in the mood, was already joking and joking. webcam model photos mistressdea
I tried to keep the conversation going.
never ceasing to think about what awaits me at home.
I already firmly understood that I could not, unable to get away from this woman.
However, I do not intend to leave everything to chance on self-dissolving of the situation.
Now I will dictate my terms and strictly adhere to them.
Domostroy will, if otherwise does not come out! Already late at night, having approached the house, I said goodbye to Vitale and bought a bottle of vodka in a stall from a sleepy saleswoman.
I wanted to go home with a dead drunk.
Liberally rinsing the mouth with vodka, poured a large half onto the ground.
From the street it was clear that the window was burning in the kitchen.
With a strong smell and an almost empty bottle in hand, he entered the apartment.
Locked the door and immediately in the hallway, sitting down with a noise on the floor, took a sip of vodka.

From the kitchen, at the sound, Nastya came out.
She looked at me, leaning against the doorjamb.
Her face was tired.
There was confusion in my eyes and the question: what to expect from me? – Why are you so drunk? Although.
You have to relax.
Feed you? I pretending to be drunk in the spray, without raising my gaze on her, grunted that I didn’t want to eat from complete happiness, and in general should leave me better alone.
Having got up with difficulty and scattering things on the move, I head for the bedroom.
I do not want to see it and hear it.
I do not want to talk about anything now, let him think that I get drunk and therefore I will immediately pretend to be asleep.
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