hot sexy live cam I ordered a bottle of champagne, the favorite wine of alchemists and poisoners.
And while my Ritulia powdered her nose in the ladies’ room, the bubbles left no trace of the powder.
Why are you smiling? – asked Rita, sitting down.
I missed you, – I smiled even wider and raised my glass.

Rita hid a smile in her glass.
Even for a moment I felt ashamed, but curiosity got the better of me.
So I looked intently into Rita’s eyes, perhaps, only on the first date.
Rita melted away from my attention as a freshman.
Less than a quarter of an hour, as Rita was worried.
She went into herself, frowned.
When I tested the powder on myself, I, like a young puppy, swept everything off the shelves of the refrigerator, and then ordered pizza three more times.
Apparently, Rita was not ready to gorge herself just as cheerfully.
Can you eat something? Rita shook her head negatively, wrinkling like a toothache.
Are you not good? Maybe leave here? Not! – Rita screamed and she was scared of her scream.
Then she smiled shyly and said, as if apologizing: Can we order something else?

The first thing I saw in the morning, opening my eyes, was angry Rita, concentrating the hoop with concentration. licking pussy mature webcam
On the offer to have breakfast together, I got such an angry look that I thought it was safe to retreat to the bathroom.
Oddly enough, she did not guess anything.
After this incident, Rita did not eat anything for a week, except apples.
She became irritable, suspicious.
There was no chance to try the powder in action again.
It became impossible to stay close to Rita and we ran away.
Rita’s concentrated face that night, when she “burned” calories in my bed until the morning, still didn’t get out of my head.
As a result, I was with a small suitcase, at the bottom of which a jar of powder was hidden, found myself in a compartment of a train rushing towards Sochi.
A real matron rode with me with two children and a tortured husband.
The little man tried not to be seen by his wife, as far as it was possible in a confined space, because when she saw him, she either began to scream shrillly or send a restaurant to the car.

She ate constantly.
I imagined how I poured her powder and she began to absorb food with tripled strength.
This could be a good scenario for an American horror movie, something like “Nightmare in a dining car.”
Fortunately, we all arrived in one piece.
I was the last to leave the car, trying not to notice the envious glance of the peasant fellow traveler, inhaled the warm sea air, and with a cheerful step went to the impudent Sochi taxi drivers.
The next two days were just a fairy tale.
Bathing in the night sea, easy flirting with the maids from the hotel and the sea of ??homemade wine.
The evening of the third day, sorting through things, I stumbled upon that very small jar.
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