innocent girl on webcam You! Faster! – What? – I approached and asked.
– I now take turns in five minutes, go to the toilet and wait for me.
– I.
– I was afraid, I thought what to do – Come on, come on! Whore! – he said smiling.

I silently turned and went to the toilet, stood at the sink and looked at myself.
Slightly unbuttoned his shirt on top, it was stuffy, hot. innocent girl on webcam
Or maybe I was afraid, and in the heat threw me from this guard.
Another couple of minutes, the door opened, and a guard entered the toilet.
He smiled and looked at me, locked the door, leaving it in the keyhole.
He unbuttoned the top of his uniform and ordered: “Undress!” I did not hesitate for a second, took off my clothes and looked at the floor.
I took off my shirt, trousers, stayed in shorts and shoes, turned around and heard a wild laugh.
“Duck is true!”. innocent girl on webcam