katimarso sex cam One of the guys rewound her hair on his hand, but now he slightly raised Inna, thereby depriving her of the ability to resist as much as possible, the other with a sharp movement undid the pants of her pants.
Inna gave vent to emotions and burst into a wild cry, but this only made the villains laugh, the room was filled with friendly laughter. katimarso sex cam
Meanwhile, the first man had already removed her pants from her, revealing her white panties for all to see.
He pulled up his jacket, exposing her belly.

The second man let go of Inna’s hair, and they quickly took off her jacket over her head.
The girl stayed in sneakers, panties and bra.
She attempted to escape, but one of the men grabbed her hands and twisted them behind her back.
– Dress her guys, and put her in a chair – came the voice of Ivan Alexandrovich.
– No no! katimarso sex cam