live stream sex cam A beautiful young girl was completely naked and smiled shyly.
Roman took a large bath towel and caught Alena in it.
He hugged the girl, and then began to wipe her body and admire it.
Finally, he hung the towel on the dryer and straightened up.

She looked at him confusedly.
He took out a cream from the cabinet and began to rub it into the girl’s tender steamed skin.
She blushed, but obediently turned and put his body in her hands.
– Uncle Roman – she first decided to call by name, but immediately faltered and hung her head.
– What the hell am I uncle! – Roman, just Roman.
You still call me father! Maybe go to you? Well, tell me, do not be afraid.
– No misters? – Well, you, twice as old as me.
And you, and you want, want me to tell you.
The girl fell silent again.
– Do not fool yourself – he interrupted her doubts.
– Wear a bathrobe and come with me.
Breathing freshness through fatigue, the girl was sitting in the kitchen.
– Let’s drink while hot, sweet tea and go, rest.

Roman saw that rest is more important to her now than food.
– It’s getting late, when do you need to be at home? – At home, they are not waiting for me, I should now be with a friend at the dacha.
I agreed with her.
Do you want to stay with me? Can i? Yes, of course, stay.
It’s good that you don’t have to hurry, you’ll have enough time to recover.
Come, I’ll put you to bed, this is the most useful for you now.
They went into the room, and Roman laid her on the couch. blowjob webcam porn
– Lie down here.
– If suddenly that, I will be in the next room, call.
He was about to go, but suddenly the girl called him.
– Uncle Roman! – He stopped.
– And you, and you really like me? – Like, really, you are beautiful and modest.
– Please do not think that I am a whore! Alena unexpectedly knelt before him.
– I beg of you, please do not think bad of me! – Yes, I do not think so, do not worry.
– Come on, let’s get up and go to bed.
Roman raised the girl under her arms, and she was in his arms.

She was simply charming, as only a trustful and tremulous girl can be charming.
The floors of the gown tied with a belt slightly diverged, and he again saw the beautiful girl’s breasts.
His dick again eager for freedom.
– Kiss me, please, quietly, she said and added, – do not disdain me.
– Alena blushed again.
– No, Alena, do not, you need to rest.
Oh please! – The girl sobbed and almost gasped.
Roman, without a word, hugged the trembling girl and covered her mouth with a kiss.
It was entrancing.
They kissed for a long time, he untied the belt of her robe and dropped the robe to the floor.
She moaned and all gave herself to his hands, which with pleasure crushed her young body.
His jeans almost burst from the tension, but Roman firmly decided that he should not now use the hysterical, in fact, the condition of the girl.
Roman regretfully turned away from the young creation.
– All Alain, that’s all for today.

Go to bed – he said it sternly enough that she obeyed immediately.
A naked girl slipped under a blanket and hid her face in a pillow, reliving what had happened.
– Good night.
Roman turned off the light and went into the shower, he was already all ached from the continuous torture to which he was subjected.
The events of the past day, literally turned it inside out.
Coming out of the bathroom in one dressing gown, he saw that Alena was lying under a blanket in his double bed.
– Uncle Roman, please, can I sleep with you! – I’m scared, I’m afraid alone.
– You are welcome! He looked at her, trying to understand what was more in this young creation, girlish naivety or female perfidy.
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