mature and bbc webcam When we entered the apartment, she suddenly told me: – Do you know.
No one has ever defended me like this.
– Well.
After all, I am your father, – I gave out the very phrase, feeling my ears turn red.

– Tell me where you are.
got it all? And make up? – All day wound shopping.
In two hours I bought everything, there was not only a cap.
In the “Children’s World” found, count up? And make up in McDonalds, in the toilet.
Everyone looked at me as a miracle overseas, did not want to go out, and it turned out to be a turn.
Cool, right? I wanted terribly to hug Alka, to press her against me and to stick my nose into her red wig, but I was shy and did not trust myself, and therefore I pretended that I was very concerned about the dirt on my pants.
Alka trampled alongside – and went to the bathroom.
I heard her rustling there with her clownish outfit.
“She is already naked,” I thought, “now she will wash away the paint, and there will be no jester, but there will be an ordinary naked girl, only very beautiful.

“For some reason, this was four times sadder.
Suddenly, I felt that I could not.
I need to see her.
“What are you doing?” I told myself, opening the bathroom door.
She was unlocked.
– Do not disturb? I would also wash.
– Nuuuu.
– Alka said.
– Okay, really.
What didn’t you see with me in the end? She stood naked in the shower and just washed off the paint, which was smeared on it with funny white and pink divorces.
“You’re so funny,” I said.
“You look like Smirnov from Shurik when you were slapped into his face at a construction site.”
– Thank.
for the compliment.
– she smiled, blinking from soap.
– Let me help.
Squat down.
She sat down, opening her pussy, and I began to wash off the soapy mess from her face, neck and collarbone.
She was pleased, I saw it, and tried to touch her gently as I could. mature and bbc webcam
– Don’t get dressed, okay? – I asked when she crawled out of the bathroom.
– I want to admire you a little.

“Well, okay,” answered Alka, turning away from me.
– Wipe out only.
“Let me,” I said again, but Alka looked at me with a long look, and I stopped short: “No, you are right.”
This is too much.
– But why? Wipe down, she said dully.
Heart pounding like mad.
Alka sat down on the side of the bathroom, and, more than ever in my life, I wiped dry all her amazing body – hair, darkened by water, and neck, and wonderful breasts with nipples, pink from heat, and tummy, and ass, and cunt.
– How is after shaving? – I asked, trying to speak carefully, like a father.
– No annoyance? – Not.
– Do you know that you have very beautiful legs? – I said, rubbing her between the fingers.
Her feet drove me crazy right from the start.
“I know,” she answered, and for some reason smiled.
– Well.
Come on, jester, have a cup of tea, ”I said cheerfully.
(“Damn, it sounded fake.
“) – In the nude? – Alka asked, continuing to smile.

She had a very special smile – thin, piercing, with a madness, not at all going to her teenage ways.
“Nothing, it will outgrow it – and it will be such a fatal woman that oh-her-her,” I thought.
“From her smile now you want to either burst in place, or.
“- What? Are you shy of me? – Shy.
But just a little bit, ”said Alka, throwing a brilliant look at me.
We went into the kitchen.
I turned on the electric kettle and sat down next to naked Alka on the kitchen corner, big and soft, like a sofa.
It was very difficult to find a topic for conversation, and therefore I decided to bend my father’s line: – Al.
See how dangerous it is, uh, to make contact with just anyone.
I told you that we have a city.
She suddenly clung to me, put her arm around my shoulders and smacked my cheek.
It was a completely innocent caress – I saw my daughters kiss their fathers a hundred times stronger – but she was so tender, and she had so much hot female sensuality that I suddenly had a dark head.

“Alka,” I croaked.
– Alka.
– and drew her, naked, to himself, and began to kiss anywhere – in the face, in the shoulder, in the collarbone, in the chest.
Suddenly, all the prohibitions have disappeared, evaporated, and I threw her on her back.
She did not resist looking at me with dark, cat-like eyes, and I feverishly, in order not to have time to think again, pulled pants with shorts from my hips, climbed onto Alka – and with a sweep pushed into her stone cock, which swam easily, as if oil, and immediately penetrated deep, deep, all the way, and Alkino opened his body to the heart.
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