sexy webcam girl gif “What month is she on?” The witch asked, chewing.
“Around the sixth,” came the voice of the middle sister from behind.
Anna turned around and saw Elena, who entered the kitchen proudly carrying a decent-sized belly in front of her.
Her clothes were only lace shorts, so the second, after the abdomen that rushed into the witch’s eyes, was full breasts with aggressively protruding nipples.

– What will we do next? – Karina asked when everyone ate.

“In the morning, if Anna’s seed pierced the spell,” Mom replied, putting her palm on her belly.
– We will conduct an experiment on me to accelerate the process of carrying, to know how much you still suffer.
It may be better to speed up the process rather than slow it down.
– Why on you? – Karina immediately asked. adult webcam chat rooms
“Come on me!” “I can’t let you take that risk,” said Mom.
– Suddenly something goes wrong.
“If something goes wrong,” said Karina.
“Then no one will help us but you.”
You have experience.
Elena, unlike Anna and me, is a good witch, which means she can be your assistant.

It is not worthwhile to impose complex spells on the youngest one, for it is not clear how they will manifest themselves when interacting with the already imposed ones.
“Agreed,” Mom nodded, after some thought.
– In the morning we start.
And now to sleep.
She gracefully stood up and headed upstairs.
Karina and Helen followed.
With a shrug, the little witch also moved into her room.
“And breakfast?” “Then,” the older sister responded and jumped out of the room.
Sighing, Anna got out of bed, admired the morning riser, but for lack of time she just washed and threw on a free nightie.
Candles burned in the spell room and all the windows were curtained.
In the wavering light, Anna could see the mother and Elena standing, as well as Karina, who was lying on the couch.
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