spy cam shower sex Probably wanted to see who is behind her.
I felt ashamed, and I tried to turn my body.
Who drove in the rush hour in the Moscow metro, knows how difficult it is to do it.
But still I managed to turn slightly, and my left leg was turned out.

The tension in my pants subsided a bit.
But after a few seconds, I again felt her tender ass beside me, the girl with me turned slightly.
Then I realized that she liked to catch the pulsation of my cock.
I exactly put my foot and already purposefully pressed the girl.
My cock instantly woke up and the impulse passed through it, which was transmitted to the ass.
The train stopped at the next station.
People entered a little, because there was nowhere to go, and we remained standing, huddled together.
When the train started moving again, we started rubbing again, so that it would be imperceptible to others, I helped the movements a little.
My cock rested, and it seemed to me, right in the crack of the ass.
At the same time, I felt how the girl began to tilt her ass forward a little and back and shiver slightly.

Never with me was it that I lost my temper, but that day it happened. spy cam shower sex
I began to lift my free left hand and slide it over its leg, until I put my hand in, so my fingers reached to her crotch.
Then the girl silently, without turning around, quietly removed my hand and I realized that I had lost my temper and instantly came to my senses.
The train stopped again, there were as many people left as there were.
I stood as glued.
The train again entered the tunnel, and the girl, apparently a little embarrassed, began to distance herself from me.
But I was already excited.
I again caught up with her from behind, copying her movements exactly, with my hand I slightly touched her pen on the handrails, from which the girl started slightly.
At the next station I had to go out, but I drove on.
Cuddling even harder, I began to artificially manipulate the member, depicting impulses.
The girl froze in place, but at the same time I felt her ass raised and pressed closer to me.
I felt that she was excited, and the small tremor of her ass was transmitted to me again.

Her panties were probably wet, I felt warm energy emanating from the crotch.
I myself stood and abruptly breathed over her right ear, in the lower abdomen it seemed as if something sparkled and was ready to erupt.
The excitement increased, my dick began to pulsate and twitch like crazy.
I began to realize that now I’ll finish right in my pants.
But at this moment the train stopped at the station, where there are many people.
I saw that the area in front of the door was almost empty and they paid attention to us.
Instantly, leaning forward, I got out of the car, not even turning and not looking at the face, the one from whom I had received such pleasure.
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