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– She raised her head and looked me straight in the eyes – Want some more? – Yes! – I exclaimed – Are you not afraid? – I am your sister – Svetka smiled – especially, my husband overeat pears, so I’m going to fuck with my brother, especially such a dick, I have to try at least once in my life, well, just like a porn actor! Light rose, and tightly hugged me.
I felt her body and saw her face very close by.
Our lips met, and we started kissing.

She had soft, warm lips, and the tongue just worked wonders – the kiss was a bit tart, the taste of wine and sperm, and everything lasted and lasted: My sister broke away from me and whispered – I went to the bath: slipped out of my arms; I heard the bathroom door flick, and almost immediately the water began to rustle.
Yes, I looked like an idiot – knee-length pants with shorts, a huge cock hanging out from under a T-shirt, a red face, insane eyes.
I pulled on my pants, then, on the contrary, took off my pants and T-shirt, remaining completely naked.

I did not know what to do, and I was completely confused, my thoughts were spinning in my head like a hurricane: to calm myself, I grabbed a bottle and took a sip right out of my throat – and at that moment I heard my sister’s voice: “Dina, come here!” – here I heard that the water is no longer noisy, and the lock on the door clicked, unlocking. korean student webcam
Opened the bathroom door.
My sister stood with her back to me in my mother’s robe, and looked at me in the mirror.
– Dina, why don’t you shave? Look, half the dick is overgrown with hairs, do you think that girl is nice? Come on, I’ll shave you, do not be shy! Since then, I constantly shave dicks and eggs, and then it was the first time.
My sister splashed froth shaving foam, her deft fingers quickly and carefully smeared the foam on the cock, and Sveta began to shave me.
My cock by the middle of the procedure was already standing like a sentry on duty.
Sveta, shaving my farm, constantly podlyuch dick with a slippery soapy hand, dick hardened and increased.

Finally, Sveta finished with a shave and rinsed the dick with warm water.
“Wow — he seems to have become even more — my sister purred quite affectionately, stroking my 23-inch-a-half raised up.
– Sveta, let’s go to bed – I croaked.
“Aha,” my sister said, and, bending over, kissed my cock, let’s go.
We went to the parents’ bedroom – they have a luxurious, wide-fledged sex spot, dad ordered somewhere, and it cost a lot of money.
Sveta stopped in front of the bed.
-Dinya, hug me from behind – whispered sister.
I approached her from behind and put my hands on the boobs, squeezed them slightly through the dressing gown: Yes, yes – my sister whispered – again, squeeze: Her hands quickly disbanded the belt of the robe, the floors parted, and I felt the sister’s boobs with firm tits in my palms protruding nipples.
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