valeri wow bongacams The pressure increased, and now the member began to penetrate with difficulty.
It hurts, Ira lamented to herself, damn, that’s how much do not prepare your ass, it still hurts, and every time.
It seems to be no longer a virgin there, more than a year has already passed the first time he took her in the ass.
Smiled – although in general he was not her first man, but in this matter he was the first, as expected.

Carefully, the process began neatly, Ira waited, soon she would stop noticing the pain, she would no longer care, and in the depths of her stomach pleasant waves would begin to rise.
Lucky as someone – get an orgasm from in the ass, get pleasure, for Ira, the only pleasure was to feel like she loves her Loved One, her Man, her Master, Master and Mister.
He is satisfied, he is satisfied, then she is satisfied, and she means her life is not in vain.
The fuck of her ass meanwhile increased, the Boss already fucked Ira hard in the ass, sometimes adding lubricant to the head of the penis and then continued to fuck again.

After some time, the pace slowed down, then the member left Irina’s ass at all.
– Bring the dildos, both. teen strip dance webcam
Ira went to the dresser and got out of the box with panties two dildos, one ordinary, flexible, the owner sometimes spanked them Ira, and the second with a vibrator, and they specifically found a model with a vibrator in the eggs, not the head.
From time to time, the Boss, or just at home, or before going out for a walk, ordered Ira to stick him in her pussy, turn it on to a small one, and fix it in her panties.
It is difficult to say how Irino’s behavior and gait changed, but the Boss watched her with great interest, and of course he took it with even more passion when they were alone.
Now there were no panties on Ira, she just brought them to bed, put them in front of the Lord and stood upright.
– Hands on the ass.
– The owner ordered.
Ira put her hands on the two halves and slightly raised them.
The owner took the one with a vibrator, and began to slowly, fucking movements, to introduce him into the pussy of Ira.

When he entered completely, he unwrapped it so that it rested against the clitoris with eggs and turned it on.
After that, he once again smeared Ira’s anus with his lubricant and his cock and with a sharp movement went Ira in the ass.
Ira screamed.
She knew what would happen now – now the owner will have it in all holes.
Ira and stood, crustaceans, pushing her hands ass, cheek leaning into a sheet.
The owner, continuing to fuck her in the ass, penetrated with one hand to the vibrator and increased the speed, at the same time he accelerated himself.
He picked up the second dildo and put it in Ira’s mouth.
– Help with your hands.
Ira moved one hand to her pussy and took up the vibrator and began to support him so that he did not fall out, and in the most pleasant position.
valeri wow bongacams