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In the compartment, the family with the infant rode, he gave out such concerts all night, it was impossible to sleep.
– So come on, lie down! The time is even earlier, today is a day off, you can sleep longer.
Just lock the door.

Twice I turned the key in the lock, undressed it before swimming trunks and dived under the blanket, where Natalia was already lying.
She trustfully put her head on my shoulder and, kissing him, whispered: – How I miss you, how I love you! – Where is your Sasha? My wife and I, from the calls of our daughter, knew that she lives with her friend together, but they are all in their minds, protected, and I was surprised not to find him in the room.
Natashka calmed down and suddenly burst into tears, sobbing loudly, irrigating me with salty tears.
– He dumped me! I used it for six months and went to some slut, – in a trembling voice, through tears, my daughter reported to me.
I turned to Natasha, began stroking her like a little on the head, kissing wet eyes.
– Yes, do not worry you! You will find yourself a friend of the present who will love you more than life and will not betray.
Did you call because of this, silly? Sobs gradually stopped, she firmly pressed to me with my whole body, giving a feeling of warmth of the native female body, strong tritichek with standing nipples, naked, smooth legs.

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“Because of that, too, but I just wanted to see you.”
I knew my mother was busy and you would come alone.
Dad, – she went on a whisper, – I love you and have always loved you, you know, but here, in Sverdlovsk, some kind of delusion is happening to me.
I lie with Sasha, but I imagine you, he fucks me, and I close my eyes and fantasize that it is you who take me, that they stroke your hands, your lips kiss, and I can’t do anything about it.
Daddy, what should I do? Her palm, as if casually slipped down my chest and stopped at the raised, smoking member, stroking it through the fabric of the bottoms.
Yes, I am a bastard, I am a depraved type and did not begin to remove this native pen from my prick with hypocritical exclamations: “What are you doing ?! It’s impossible!” , because with all the fibers of the soul I wanted my Natasha after that memorable night, because I was also haunted by obsession — fuck my wife, and I imagine my daughter under me, and this will never end, unless I take concrete actions now.
But Natasha was the first to speak: “Dad, we both understand that this cannot last for a long time and needs to be done.”
I know that you also like me as a woman, and as a daughter you love me.

For three months I have been drinking birth control pills, and on this side nothing threatens us.
– You want to say: – Yes, I suggest we really sleep with you, become lovers, otherwise I will suffer from love for you, – Natasha breathed out, looking into my eyes and running her hand under the gum of my bottoms.
I was not taken aback, not lost consciousness, because somewhere I assumed such a development of events and wanted it no less.
I gently turned Natasha on her back and slightly raised her nightgown, looking inquiringly into her eyes.
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