webcam show starring The last thing he told me before the execution was: It is cruel, but it is necessary that you remember it for the rest of your life.
There was a whistling of the wire, and at first I only felt how it slammed into my buttocks, into their upper part, where the back begins.
But then there appeared and began to grow pain, which pierced me to the bone.
As if a shock hit.

A wild cry escaped me.
I would have jumped to the ceiling, if not for the ropes. webcam show starring
Terrible pain lasted a few seconds, then began to subside.
The wire whistled again, I shrank all over, and a new portion of rending pain hit my body.
I jerked with all my might, but the ropes were held tight, I could only lift my head up and shout even louder.
Hearing the third whistle, I screamed in advance and huddled on the table in animal horror.
And after the blow, I did howl with unbearable pain.
It was a complete hell: whistle – blow, whistle – blow ,.
I screamed, without stopping for a second, and squirmed in insane attempts to dodge the wire, but he always found my ass, moreover, each time the blow fell exactly a millimeter below the previous one. webcam show starring