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They turned and walked toward the exit.

Petrovich turned around and looking in my direction disgustedly licked his wrinkled lips.
Left alone, Luda dipped a towel with water from a decanter and put it between her legs and cried for a long time.
I sat in my shelter and was afraid to go out.
She should not have known that I saw everything.
After crying and washing her face, she pulled up her skirt, buttoned up her crumpled blouse, and slowly, hobbling, went to the door of the office.
And the next day everything was just like always.
Everyone smiled sweetly.
At lunchtime we were all gathered and congratulated Lyudochka.
To be continued.
– And I will not give you the key from the handcuffs – this is my trophy.
Olga didn’t say anything in reply, only shrugged vaguely.
Picking up a box with a rubber member, he asked just in case: – So this is definitely not yours?

Once no one confesses, will have to pick me up.
Marina, what do you think is useful? – Marina carefully looked into Alexander’s eyes and, after a short pause, answered with a challenge: – You will definitely need it, take it.
When the trio had already left the office, Alexander remembered about the question that had perplexed him, why the office door was closed on a mechanical lock.
He did not really believe in the malicious intent of the unknown Igor, who gave this “matinee”.
There was no rug near the entrance door, the sign with the name of the company was nailed tightly to the wall. webcam teen and dog
It was not visible where you can hide the key to the front door.
– Are you looking for something? – Olga asked.
– The key to the apartment, where the money is – Alexander answered.
Finally, he decided to expand the search area somewhat, moved a few meters to one side and saw that the cover covering the branch pipes of the street unit of the air conditioner was loosely covered, and the fastening screw was practically not wrapped.

When Alexander opened this cover, the key with the electronic lock card with a ringing fell on the asphalt.
Alexander raised them – these were the keys to the front door.
Returning to the girls, Alexander asked in a stern voice: “Who among you gave the keys to this stub?” Olga lowered her gaze and said quietly: “He asked me, and he is not a shy, but a businessman who organizes non-traditional leisure activities.”
“By the way,” said Alexander, “if you call him and you won’t be interested in what he organized here, this non-traditional.”
Olga got the phone, and after a while said: – Very strange – “the subscriber is temporarily unavailable.”
“Probably something really happened to him,” commented Marina in a satisfied voice.
– And these him, as you called them, “rangers”, complete idiots, could not move away to 20 meters – said Alexander.
When the girls got into the car, Alexander noticed that Marina pushed Olga to sit in the front seat, saying that she should go further.

Indeed, Olga lived noticeably closer to the office than Marina.
Marina lived in the near suburbs, so she always went to work in her car.
– Marina, where is your car? – Alexander asked.
– I arrived by taxi.
– And me too! – Olga replied.
After Alexander drove Olga to the very entrance, they set off on the way to the house of Marina.
Alexander asked: – In my opinion, you told me about the fact that Olya dragged you into it, you got a little bit dirty.
Many inconsistencies.
Have you played such games before? – Sashenka, I’m sorry, I got it.
I just didn’t know how you would react to all of this, and lied to you out of fear.
– Marinochka, I hope that you will never again deceive me.
Do not want to say – do not say, I unconditionally recognize this right for you, but just do not be fooled.
– Sasha, but you as a real investigator from me, almost under torture of the threat of exposure, demanded testimony, and I had no choice!
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