young list 12 16 yo webcam Cat, I’m so tired of something, – Julia complained, gently hugging me.
“I’ll go to the room for a while.”
Are you with me? Of course, bunny.
Just first get some wine and something tasty for him, and then immediately to you.

We are waiting for the night of love today.
– I kissed her.
Look, do not linger, otherwise I will start without you.
– Julia winked at me playfully and went up the stairs to the room.
And I went to the kitchen for everything I needed, anticipating what I would do with my beloved afterwards.
A small surprise was waiting for her today: we have long wanted to try to videotape our sex, but somehow it didn’t work, and this time I decided to have a “porn studio” and it was here, in this old hotel.
Installing a small hidden camera in the corner of the room, I was quite sure that everything here meets our requirements – and the moment is excellent, and the interior is wonderful, and the mood is right for both.

Yulia about this camera I intended to report only at home (at the same time as watching the filmed “movie”), so that she would not be shy and not be distracted by the thought of shooting.
Once in the kitchen, I got into conversation with the cook, Anastasia Petrovna.
It all started with the fact that while she was looking for a suitable bottle of alcohol, I decided to ask about the places where Oasis is located and about the name itself, which is so unusual for Russia.
The cook gladly accepted the conversation and after a few minutes I listened enthusiastically to the history of the hotel (and although I had wine and chocolate in my hands, I was in no hurry to leave). teen and dog on webcam
Anastasia Petrovna was a wonderful storyteller – her story fascinated me, and I forgot about the time, just stood and listened to her pleasant old voice.
And when she.
I finished, I asked to tell about her and about Lydie Semyonovna: how they got here and why they haven’t left this place yet (considering that the client is extremely rare here).

And she told.
I didn’t remember about time soon, but having looked at my watch, I apologized and very quickly ran upstairs – from the moment Julia went into the room, an hour and a half passed, which I didn’t notice at all.
The darkness and quiet breathing of my sleeping sweetheart was waiting for me in the room.
I was a little upset that the plans for the night did not work out, but I didn’t want to wake up my tired beauty.
I left the wine and chocolate on the table, then undressed and decided to go out on the balcony to smoke before bed.
Passing by the bed, I came across a black lace panties lying on the floor of Yulina.
Lifting them, I found that the panties are wet, even squeeze.
It all surprised me a little, but probably it was part of some Yulina game she came up with for today.
Once on the balcony I suddenly had a logical thought in my head: I can see what Julia was doing on the camera for an hour and a half!

Already a couple of minutes later, I watched on the screen of a small handheld computer recording from a camera connected to my “handheld” via bluetooth, lighting my favorite vanilla cigarettes.
So I installed the camera and it earned, so we are going to walk with Julia, then we leave.
I squandered a few hours in an empty room, in which only the lighting was changing.
And finally, Julia enters the room, strips down to her underwear, puts things in the wardrobe, and from it pulls out a black silk combination and goes to the bathroom.
It takes several tens of minutes, my girl comes back in the combination back to the bedroom, quickly jumps on the bed, seductively lies down and waits for me.
young list 12 16 yo webcam