alps webcam There, I cleaned myself up, washed yesterday’s makeup and applied fresh.
She pulled a wig, combed her hair and went into the kitchen.
Sergey has something in the pan.
After breakfast, we had a little nap.

I woke up rested, and ready for new feats) Sergey saw that I woke up and said that in the evening I was in for a surprise.
I began to cry out what the surprise was, but he was adamant and sent me to walk.
I decided to go home, and how to prepare the ass in the evening.
Because, whatever the surprise that awaits me, I’ll definitely need a clean ass.
I made an enema, completely washed my ass, and went to choose what I wear.
My choice fell on black lace panties, black fishnet stockings and tight dress. how do i use my webcam to make a video
Next, makeup, hair, I will not bore you with details.
When I was completely ready, I dialed Seryozha and he said that I could already come, he almost prepared a surprise.
I reached it without incident.
I went up to him, I wanted, as usual, to pounce on him right there in the corridor, but he gently pushed me away and said: – Tigress, take care of your ardor, take five minutes to the bedroom, you’ll like what I have prepared for you .
In the bedroom on the bed lay handcuffs, ropes and eye patch.
– Honey, you do not mind to try? So long ago, I wanted to say nothing, but just lay down on the bed and undressed, showing that I could be handcuffed and immobilized.
In fact, I have long imagined how he binds me and, taking advantage of my helplessness, he does everything he wants with me.
He began to carefully tie me up, chained my hands in my handcuffs, tied my legs around my feet and put a blindfold on my eyes. alps webcam