amarilla bongacams A very unusual bunch of sensations.
Pressure from the inside.
The feeling of fullness.
The feeling of absolute helplessness.

Again, pain in the abdomen !!!.
I clench the gag again.
The pain is not as strong as last time.
I tolerate.
But the pain does not pass.
I begin to howl quietly, trying to somehow escape from her.
Soon the sharp pain turns into a feeling of severe distention.
I begin to wonder how I will endure further, because I set the timer for 2 hours, and no more than 10-15 minutes have passed, and my hands ache from such a pose.
I again began to present myself from the outside.
Lying girl in this. trust 17676 webcam
accessible pose.
The water in the bottle is probably running out.
Shakes his hips.
It suddenly seemed to me that someone had entered the room and was about to take advantage of the situation and my position.
I froze.
I listened.
No – no one.
She caught herself thinking that she even wanted someone to come in now.
My imagination began to play.
Such bright, colorful, bold erotic.
I never had fantasies !!! I lost my sense of reality.
The stomach was bursting harder and harder – it became harder to endure.
I began to strain, trying to push the hose out of myself, arched my back, tried to turn around.
I was so wound up by that feeling of complete helplessness — my body, as if she had started to move, to wriggle, so as not to lose it.
A minute has passed, maybe two, maybe more.
Suddenly a wave of pleasure swept over me.
Such a power as never before.
The whole body stiffened.
Breathing became hard. amarilla bongacams