ashley emma webcam They tortured themselves for a long time and skillfully, then ended violently and at the same time, falling on the floor without systems.
Several sekkd the whole company rested.
Solbe put herself in order and told the girls to go to her.
Hobs also got up, said farewell to the hostess and her guest and went to her.

Two weeks lived Khos in this wonderful harem.
Hobbs invariably enjoyed the location of the hostess and the services of the maid Claret.
Much to our regret, the numerous business of Ke didn’t leave Madame Solbe’s time to meet with Hobs.
She still has not told the story of her life.
However, Hobs didn’t really want this, since Claret’s work and dustiness absorbed all his free time.
One evening he sat in his room, reading a newspaper, waiting for Claret to make him a bed.
By the time she should have come, but for some reason she was delayed.
Suddenly knocked on the door.
Claret entered without knocking.
Hobbs put down the newspaper and allowed to enter.

On the threshold stood Betsy.
– Good evening.
The hostess got me a bed.
“Where’s Claret?” – As soon as she is free, she will come to you.
Straightening the bed, under a short skirt had beautiful legs.
This detail aroused Hobbs.
He has already decided to use the moral mores of this guesthouse, to try out Beth – si, especially since Claret had already become boring to him, and he hadn’t had anything new.
While Hobs was thinking how to approach the girl, she had finished making the bed.
– Do you still need me? – I think yes.
Without a word, Hobs undid the dress on his chest.
She was making a weak attempt to oppose Hobs’ desire.
His hands had already penetrated into the cut of the dress and squeezed under the burgalter and began to crush – Undo the burgalter.
He bothers you.
Together with the burtgalter, the last remnants of Betsy’s restraint disappeared.
Betsy herself took out a member of Hobs, tickling his hook with her finger, barely audible sighed: “Oh, I want it.

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“Just at that moment, when Hobs and Betsy were close to orgasm, the door opened and Claret entered.
Hobbs was embarrassed and began to repel Beth – head’s head, but she paid attention to the arrival of her friend.
Finally, she let out a scream and huddled in the cramps of a hard orgasm.
– Do I see her familiar? So how did you like it? “I don’t like it,” said Hobs, trying to look her in the eyes.
– Yes, you seem confused.
My coming discouraged you.
Here is a choo – duck.
After all, I deliberately sent you to Betsy.
– Are you kidding? – Not how much.
This is the law of our guesthouse.
We are all one.
If you have dealt with one of us, then you have to meet others.
Saying this, Claret got undressed and fell into bed.
– Well, come to me.
I see you did not have time to finish with Betsy.
Betsy was still lying on the floor, but she was already beginning to recover and put the children in order.
When Hobbs went to bed, Betsy opened her eyes and, turning back on her side, began to watch their love needle.

““ How, and she, too, on inspections, ”thought Hobs, his heart began to beat convulsively.
He was a hypocrite, but he would not like to see this luxury in a gynecological chair.
– By the way, – continued Solbe, – from those legs everything started.
At 17, I was an awkward, angular girlfriend, and besides, with a nasty arrogant character, so that the men were not interested in me and that’s when I was on the verge of dying of hunger, I was picked up on the street by one state.
He brought me into his house, let him wash in the bathroom, fed him and put him to bed.
In the morning after breakfast, he said: “I am not asking how you got into the street and not interested in your past.
You do not interest me as a woman, but you have amazingly beautiful legs and it saves you.
I am a hollow – ian, I need a pretty sunflower.
You will work on the days when I will have guests.
On this day I will warn you in advance, the rest of the time you can do your business.

I will not pay you money.
I’ll buy you clothes and feed you.
Since you have nowhere to go, you will stay with me.
That’s all.
The housekeeper will show you your room.
“At this, our conversation ended and I remained to live with him.
Two days later they brought my uniform.
It is still kept by me.
I put it on and was horrified, the skirt was so short that it barely covered the panties.
Monsieur Jules, that was the name of my host, examined me and found the shape magnificent, especially my legs.
I began to serve the parties that Monsieur Jules arranged every Saturday.
I was given a tray with ice cream or glasses of champagne and I walked between the guests, offering them refreshing drinks.
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