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There everything is written in detail: how to wash away, how to bathe, at what age to open the pipette, etc.
Now read.

I clicked on the link and opened the topic entitled “Children’s Hygiene”.
She started her moderator forum “Nurse Katya”.
Each post in the topic described a certain age.
The first was, of course, devoted to the newborn, then Nurse Katya went on to the care of nursing babies, followed by infancy to the nursery, and so on.
Kids were not very interested in me and I immediately began to read about the younger school age.
In principle, Nurse Katya did not discover anything new for me.
But most of the moms registered on the forum frankly surprised her advice.
“They don’t know that an older child also needs to be washed daily,” I smiled to myself, reading the questions that mothers asked Nurse Kate.
Your questions reminded me of one story, last year it was.

Names will not be called, for obvious reasons.
I will have to be content with initials or images that I don’t want to write, I don’t know yet how to get out.
I said that I never worked as a prostitute, but you were not mistaken in the assessment.
In a way, I consider myself to be her.
Not because I earn by it, though when pay, I never refuse, but because I like it.
For two years I had one “regular customer”, paid a little 500-1000 rubles.
when how much was.
But that is not the point.
I did him a special service – I fucked him in the ass with toys.
There is nothing special, indecent or terrible, no, he is not a fag.
But he finished from this simply magical! Elementary prostate massage.
At the same time, I often remained without candy, but with a bill in my pocket. webcam long tube
And considering that he is Azerbaijani.
One day, when I said – I do not want! He gave an iron argument – I can no longer trust anyone, only you.

So, trust.
And the Azerbaijanis in our town, of course, know each other.
And I once got into their full company, almost complete.
It so happened that I met each of them in different ways.
With someone at the fruit collapse, with one in his barbershop, when she took him for the guard, and the girls in horror – is the owner! Two years ago I was going to marry an Azerbaijani.
He came, lived with us for a month, found a common language with my children.
But he had problems with documents, went home, he was taken off the train on the border with Kazakhstan and deported for two years.
I did not get married, but I can hear the language, although I do not understand.
And I love Azerbaijanis, to be honest.
Among them there are many decent, good people.
So one day the very owner of a barbershop calls me and invites me to the sauna, one of them has a birthday.
I understand how this will turn out, I’m an adult girl and I don’t believe in fairy tales.

I promise to pay! The mood below the plinth, in terms of sex – always hungry.
And hi will be.
“How many people?” – I ask.
“Eight of us and two more girls.”
And eastern men have an iron rule – who invited a girl, he is responsible for her! Therefore, I have nothing to fear, they will not give offense.
I come to the sauna, they meet me, they pay for a taxi, they spend, they open the door, and there, in some shorts.
my same “client”.
He is a bit shocked, and I’m glad to see him! Double protection is always better! He will definitely not give me any offense.
Everything is clear with Azerbaijanis.
But the promised girls are a separate story.
They were invited by Vasya, one of the company.
I saw him for the first time, very short, and girls like me, more than 170 cm, but much larger in size.
No, not fat, just bigger in addition.
Well, the exterior.
I have never considered myself beautiful, but these were, so to say, so-so.

Against the background of them, she suddenly began to admire
Cousins, 36 and 34, brunette and blonde.
Girls are normal.
Vodka, kebab, cucumbers, pita, fruit – the table is breaking.
One packet of juice takes, tries to open, men look at her.
They know me here, but they are not there yet.
Affectionately, in a low voice I say: “Ay, girl, you are here, men invited, ask, they will do everything!” I take the package from her, give it to the person sitting next to him, smiles! The package opened, the juice poured into a glass, gives it to her.
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