best webcam orgasm Then he helped Sveta to remove her elegant dress for cocktails.
“Very good,” I stated.
Nice figure, spicy lingerie, stockings.
I went to the girl and kissed her on the lips.

Sponges are so tender! One more time.
And now we kiss passionately and for a long time.
While we talked this way, Andrew managed to pull off his panties with his girlfriend.
Having found herself only in a bra and stockings, the flushed Sveta reddened even more, but calmly and with some kind of challenge undressed completely, completely – even the stockings took off.
Although they did not bother me.
That bra interfered, yes.
I took off my clothes, we kissed again, I gently caressed her breasts, pinching her nipples, stroking her ass and shaved pussy.
In short, he tried to be a gallant cavalier.
But, as they say, gallantry paved the road to the pussy.
Rather, all the roads lead there, and when I was already very excited, I fucked her merrily and greedily.
A friend of all this time was shooting, drooling and straightening a member in his pants.

Then, dressed, Sveta and I went to the basement of the cottage, where another bar was arranged, more intimate than the other two, to drink for an acquaintance.
A friend with a camera somewhere faded.
An hour later, we returned to the rest of the get-together.
The party was inexorably gaining momentum.
Here and there, in the corners and in the corridors, kissing couples were clamped.
Kissing, some ladies (I don’t know whether my wives, “chicks”) were with dresses and skirts raised above the navel, or with the upper parts of the evening dress down. pantyhose webcam show
Of course, I have a question, where is my wife and what does she do? Rather with whom? What – and so it is clear: “a combination of beauty with functionality, and design with ergonomics.”
I basically do not mind, just wondering.
One of my acquaintances advised me to enter the guest room on the second floor, which I did with curiosity.
At such parties in this sense, especially no one breaks off and do not knock on the door.

In the room on the screen of a large TV, I saw a record of our concurrences with Sveta, and on a wide bed – three naked men and my wife, also naturally naked.
Larissa stood with cancer and gave it to everyone at once: one carefully sucked away, and the rest from the bottom and the back made “double penetration” into her crack! A naked Andryukha was sitting in the chair too, and poddrachival member: waiting for their turn.
Guys, I learned – normal, serious people.
Dmitry is a hospitable business partner of the business, Yuri is a “necessary ment”, Aleksey is a lawyer from a law firm.
In short, “all in openwork.”
Do you want to live well, have broad views.
Yes, I do not mind, as I said.
Even flattering that such “right people” became interested in my Larisa.
Therefore, I calmly sat in another chair next to Andryukha and, slowly, sipping my beloved “Ani”, relaxed and tried to enjoy a porn show with the participation of my beloved wife.
By this time, Yuri – cop growled and began to cum in the mouth Larissa.
– Ltd!!!

Come on bitch swallow! Ahh !! Kayf !!! Well done, slut !!! My wife continued to suck the discharging member and honestly swallowed sperm.
Then Yuri “went out of the game” and approached us.
He poured himself a drink and said to me: – You, Igor, do not take seriously what I called your wife a whore and a bitch.
This is from the excitement and to give additional spice to the situation.
– I ask to put in the protocol, – like, I joked.
“The right cop” hemmed favorably, such as humor appreciated.
He sat in the chair Andryukhino, and he rushed to the “sex track” to my wife.
Dmitry and Alexey dynamically “worked” in “one vagina” and were approaching “a big bang in a single pussy”.
Andryukha drove a dick over my lips to my wife, slapped them like a baton on her face, “let the blinker in,” and Larisa playfully aroused his head with her rather long eyelashes.
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