blonde girls in webcam Everyone has already brought the cards, I almost made the order, and you are still waiting for something.
Maybe you prefer “on their own”? “On her own,” Tatiana clearly did not want to, and therefore she only babbled: “I, I: I am ready, but I don’t have a photographer, but I don’t know how:”.
Igor Petrovich just smiled sweetly: “Then I will have to undertake this mission.
Close the door, immediately take off your clothes, and I will choose a better angle. ”

“How is it right here, now?”, Tatyana was again embarrassed, but there was no choice.
Her timid attempts to leave at least her panties (although they covered almost nothing) or to stand sideways to the camera were decidedly stopped by Petrovich.
With undisguised pleasure, Igor Petrovich looked at Tanya’s slender body from head to toe, turned it so and that, setting the camera in front of the lens, finally asked to put his hands behind his head and look directly at the lens.

Stunned, Tanya at first followed these instructions as in a dream, but the last moment was decided and looked at the lens confidently and boldly.
At the appointed time, all the employees, even without whispering, as everyone usually sat in the same conference room.
Of the men again there was only the chief and Igor Petrovich.
The deputy got up and began to speak: – Congratulations, everyone worked very well and your personal affairs were decorated with new original photos.
With a special prize, we decided to point out cute Angela, the head of our computer group, for the most interesting photo presented at our improvised competition.
With these words, Igor Petrovich ceremoniously kissed Angela pen and handed a sealed envelope in which the green bills shone through.
– Most of the photos you brought were in line with our expectations, with the exception of three female employees.

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However, we don’t want to part with anyone, so dear Natalia Sergeyevna, Elvira and Irina Yuryevna will be given an additional chance to prove themselves.
The rest I can congratulate with the increase in salary and wish further creative success.
– Once again, I thank everyone, and I ask the above-mentioned employees to stay.
The rest can come tomorrow during the day and sign new contracts, – Igor Petrovich completed our certification.
We left, and the three ladies remained in the conference room.
Chef fan laid out on the table their photos.
“Dear ladies, your photos seemed to us too modest, so if you do not want to leave our office, we suggest you to play the lottery.
I lay six cards on the table.
Three of them are badges, and the other three are empty.
If you pull out an empty card, then we limit ourselves to your photo.
Well, if you come across a card with an icon, then within two weeks we can come up with a desire that the loser must fulfill.

Otherwise, you part with the work, and your photos become public.
Are the conditions satisfactory? ”- Igor Petrovich was still courtesy itself.
Irina Yuryevna shrugged at this indignantly and defiantly laid out on the table a previously prepared letter of resignation.
Chef indifferently took it and, signing, handed it to Igor Petrovich.
Irina Yurievna left the conference hall, and Natalya Sergeevna and Elvira silently approached the table and stretched their arms to the tickets.
The first draw was drawn by an employee of a computer group, Elvira, a slender brunette of twenty-two years old with small breasts and gorgeous hair, who got married just six months ago.
With a slightly shaking hand, she turned the card over and gasped: a pretty face was drawn on the card.
Hearing this, Natalya Sergeevna seemed to hesitate, but she was already in her arms, and she nevertheless decided to look at her.

“I’m empty,” she said in relief.
– Well, Elechka, you are out of luck.
For now, rest, and we will try to come up with something like that, ”said Igor Petrovich cheerfully.
– I.
– Well, sir? – AT.
– K.
I’ll kill you.
While they were driving through the city, along a well-groomed green outskirts past neat, beautiful and simply luxurious houses, Zlata still worried a little, judiciously forcing herself to be cold-blooded.
“Everything will be all right, it’s just impossible not to be,” she urged herself, with a smile looking at Leonid, who was driving the car carefully.
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